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A complete and detailed review of Advanced System Repair

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated May 28, 2020

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Advanced System Repair is a computer optimizing application that can increase the speed of your computer. It is very easy to use regardless of your computer proficiency. It is also compatible with most of the versions of Windows.


The app uses different features to address the following in your computer:

  • Software – This includes the registry, the files, and everything in between. Fixing errors in here may result to faster loading times and fewer system crashes.
  • Hardware – Although it does not fix these problems itself, it can scan for the current condition of your hardware for the user to be informed if they should upgrade their system to match their activities.
  • Security – The security of the PC is important for ensuring that the user’s identity remains private online and that their files are secure from viruses or malware.

Here are some highlight features that can target these parts of the PC:

  1. Registry Optimizer – this feature can fix the corrupted entries of the registry which is important for keeping track of all the installed applications in your PC. Using this feature can lessen application bugs and system errors.
  2. Junk Files – Any remnant files from recent uninstallations which can take up space on your hard drive can be deleted by the app. This allows you to download more files to your PC.
  3. Malware scanner – The app can be used to look for any malicious files in your computer. This is because these files can corrupt or delete your healthy files and even infect other PCs. The app can be used to delete these to prevent further damage to your computer.
  4. Startup Optimizer – This feature can look at the different applications that open alongside your computer. This is because it can cause it to become slower if not managed directly. Its usage of computer memory and how it can make startup slower is shown for you to select which ones should open alongside the PC.
  5. Driver Updater – The app can scan for the most current versions of the different drivers of the PC. This feature of the app was able to gather files directly from the manufacturers of the drivers which made loading times faster.

User interface

Using Advanced System Repair is very easy for all users. Upon installation, you can instantly start a scan for your computer to detect all of the issues that may be causing slower performance. Once it is licensed, you can make the app fix these issues with just a couple of clicks from you.

Customer Support

Advanced System Repair’s customer support is available on their website. They have an FAQ that contains guides on license activation, billing, and more.


The pricing for Advanced System Repair is quite affordable for the features it has. The following are the prices for different plans:

  • 1 license is priced at $29.95 priced every 3 months
  • 3 PC licenses are priced at $39.95 priced every 3 months
  • Unlimited licenses are priced at $49.95 priced every 3 months