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A full comparison of Restoro and Advanced System Repair

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

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The computer gets slower over time. This is because of various issues such as having too many files in your hard drive, damage due to viruses, and corrupted files in the registry. Many times people will quickly turn to computer-optimization tools to save the day, and their computer systems.

There are a variety of applications that you can use in order to improve your computer’s performance. Two of the best applications are Restoro and Advanced System Repair. Both are computer-optimizing tools that can improve the performance of your PC by scanning it and repairing each problem. We put them head to head to find out who is the best at getting your system clean and keeping it going smoothly.

** Updated June 2, 2021**
It has come to our attention that there have been some user experiences that have changed our choice for best software between these two titles. We have changed our pick to Restoro as the editors choice. 

To download Restoro simply click the button below and begin the easy installation process.

Download Restoro

You will also see a reflected change in our rankings.

Restoro Vs. Advanced System Repair Pro

We will review the two different applications using three criteria: features, user-interface, and pricing.

Both applications have features that fixes your computer’s issues. They target different parts of the PC and configure each of these.

The following are the features of Advanced System Repair:

1-click-maintenance – Advanced System Repair can scan and fix your computer’s issues with just one click. This is to make it easier to configure the computer even for those with not much technical knowledge of the computer.

Junk Cleaner – Whenever you uninstall applications, you may not notice that there are still remnants left in the computer. When compiled, these chunks of data can take up space in your hard drive and cause slower computer performance.

Background app selector – To ensure that only the applications that you need will be open, Advanced System Repair has a feature that lets you choose which ones should run in the background. Make sure that only those important will be open.

Disk Defragmenter – Gaps within the hard drive can form once you put too many apps inside it. You can use Advanced System Repair to reduce this and to store your files more efficiently.

Malware remover – You can scan for all malware and viruses within your computer and then quarantine them for removal later.

Privacy Cleaner – all types of cookies and tracking data within your computer can be scanned and deleted so that you will be sure that only those you have knowledge about will be retained. This is because without your consent, you may be sending data to third parties.

System Tweaker/Optimizer – The settings of your PC will be reviewed to see anything that needs to be adjusted for it to have the best performance.

Registry Cleaner – The registry of the PC is responsible for keeping track of all the applications that are currently installed in it. If you keep on installing and uninstalling apps, you may notice that the registry becomes filled with corrupted data and junk. Advanced System Repair can be used to fix the registry and to keep the data inside it stored efficiently.

Restoro has the following same features: junk cleaner, system tweaker/optimizer, registry cleaner, and 1-click maintenance. Its additional feature is that it has a virus damage repair that fixes all of the data that has been damaged by a virus attack. It also has a feature which replaces key components (from an online database) of the operating system in case it is damaged (such as DLLs).

In conclusion, Advanced System Repair has an advantage in terms of user friendliness and the number of features it has. Restoro has an advantage in terms of fixing key components of Windows. It lacks a virus remover feature, though, which some may consider important.


Both applications are built to be used by users that do not have much knowledge in fixing their PC. This is why they are made to be minimalist and focused on features.

Advanced System Repair’s interface is built with a mostly dark blue design. You can also choose whether to use it with silver or black interface. This lets you have more choices depending on what suits you the best.

Upon installation, you can instantly see all the features of the application on the left side. This lets you choose instantly what to use. 

The first thing that you can do with Advanced System Repair is a quick scan of most of the parts of your computer’s software. After this scan, you will see all the parts that need to be fixed. You can then make the application fix all of these if it is already licensed.

Restoro has a similar approach. It also lets the user do a full scan instantly upon installation. It summarizes all the issues that a computer has and then fixes it. It specifically targets hardware, security, and stability.Its advantage is that it has an online scanner that scans for all of the problems of your computer without the need for installation.

However, compared to Advanced System Repair, it does not have the same customizability. It also has an older graphic design.

Who has the best price?

Advanced System Repair has three available plans. The first plan gives you 1 PC license for the price of $74.99. It is discounted to $29.95 when bought on their website. This is available for 3 months.

The second plan gives 3 PC licenses for the price of $94.99. It is discounted to $39.95. It is available for 3 months.

The third plan gives unlimited PC licenses available for 3 months. It is priced at $124.99 but can be reduced to $49.95.

It can be paid through PayPal or through known credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. 

Advanced System Repair has a 60-days money back guarantee.

Restoro has two pricing plans. The first plan gives you one license for a one-time repair. It is priced at $39.95 but can be reduced to $29.95.

The second plan gives you unlimited use along with support for one year. It is priced at $69.95 but can be reduced to $39.95.

In the end, Restoro has cheaper plans available. However, Advanced System Repair has more duration of use for its basic plans.


In our Restoro review we found that it is best for those that want a virus damage repair feature, key component replacer, and cheaper overall plans.