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A guide for detecting and repairing computer errors with Advanced System Repair

The Emperor Avatar By: The Emperor | Last updated September 29, 2020

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Computer optimizers are applications that you can download online which can be used to improve computer performance. These are not spyware or viruses. It is recommended for those whose PC’s are suffering from frequent app crashing, freezing, and more. 

Advanced System Repair 

Advanced System Repair is an all-in-one computer optimizing application that can be used to revitalize a slow PC. It is equipped with different features targeted towards the software, hardware, and security. The application’s developers are based in Newport Beach, California.

How to install the application

To start the installation of the app, simply download it from the following link here.

Upon downloading the installer, the user can read the application’s user privacy agreement and EULA. Upon clicking the ‘Install’ button, the user is agreeing to these agreements.

The user can also choose whether the application should instantly get program updates, to install scheduled tasks, create a desktop icon, and launch upon system start. They can also choose to allow the application to send information for improvement to their service anonymously.

The installer takes only a couple of minutes before completely installing on your PC.

Opening the application

One of the highlights of using Advanced System Repair is that it is very friendly for all types of users regardless of their technical knowledge. This is why its interface is user intuitive.

Upon opening the application, the user can instantly start a full scan of their computer. From here, the app will look for all the errors that may be causing system instability. Included in the data it will scan for are:

  • Hardware condition
  • Privacy traces
  • Junk file
  • Registry entries
  • Startup applications
  • Drivers that are not updated
  • Malware and viruses
  • Hard disk condition
  • Security Hole

When it finishes, the data it scans can be viewed by the user. These data are all about the PC’s security, performance, stability, and privacy.

Using the features

Users can start using the features of the application built for addressing the issues that it has scanned once they have purchased a license. The following are the prices of these licenses:

  • 1 license is priced at $29.99.
  • 3 licenses are priced at $39.99
  • Unlimited licenses can be purchased for $49.99.

These licenses are recurrent for every 3 months. Purchasing one will give full access to all of the application’s features. With just a couple of clicks, the user can help improve the system stability of their computer.

Some of the highlight features of Advanced System Repair includes:

  • Junk Cleaner – this removes leftover files from uninstallations
  • Startup optimizer – this minimizes the amount of apps that open alongside the mPC
  • Malware and spyware remover
  • Driver updater
  • Registry optimizer

Users who have not purchased a license can still take advantage of the application’s free scanning feature. This is especially helpful if the user can manually fix these issues by themselves.