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Advanced System Optimizer Features

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 25, 2021

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Advanced System Optimizer Windows optimization software offers complete protection and software optimization. This software is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit. It comes with many amazing features:

  • Disk cleaner and optimizer

Are you wondering why your PC is constantly running slow? Has it been a year since you had a complete scan of your operating system? Or maybe even more? With the disk cleaner feature you can remove all junk files, cached data, cookies and everything else that comes with the history of browsing. Not only will it free up your disk storage, but it will also help you protect your programs from the unexpected crash. This will also secure your data and ensure your quality time.

  • System security and privacy

Advanced System Optimizer will also run a scan to detect any virus, spyware or malware in your PC. If the virus is detected you will see that in the final scan report. This software offers valid protection from dangerous software that might harm your operating system. It will eliminate any damaged and infected files and replace them with new, healthy files. This is the scan-and-repair and all-in-one software that will improve the overall performance of your PC.

  • Windows optimizers

Boost up your RAM and maintain stability. Accelerate Windows by freeing up the storage space and detecting any possible damaged files, threats or anything else that causes you graphic card to fail. It gives you the pleasure to run games in sandbox mode which is a security feature that will detect and protect your system from any potential program or add-ons that can harm your PC. The Startup feature will show you the list of applications that will start together with a system reboot. This may cause a slower system reboot. With this feature, you can turn off the automatic launching of the applications and accelerate your PC.

  • Backups and Recovery

Advanced System Optimizer is completely safe to use and, above all, this feature will protect your data from any third-party program or individuals. Have you ever heard of System Restore? This software had its own, private, system restore feature allowing you to back up your files for an extended period. Three steps are required for this action. In the first window, you will see the list of the files with the exact date and time, with the existing backups already done in the past. Once you click on the “Take backup now” button, the backup will start the process.

  • Easy to use solution

Their software is simple, with a friendly interface. Any new user can easily manage and use their features. On their official website, you can also find screenshots and the User Guide to help you with any possible difficulties you might have.

To conclude, Advanced System Optimizer is an easy to use software with amazing four different levels of powerful tools for:

  • Cleaning your operating system
  • Security from harmful software and data
  • Optimization for better PC performance
  • Recovery and back up of valuable file

Overall we were pretty impressed by the software and gave it an above average rating , but compared to other programs it did fall a bit short.