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Advanced System Repair 2021 Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 8, 2021

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To keep the computer at peak performance, users may be limited in the activities they do every day which not everyone can follow. This is because to make this possible, they will need to install and uninstall applications very scarcely, use applications rarely, and take a lot of precautions when browsing the internet. Knowing how much users need to do with their computers on the regular, most users would like a quick solution for their speed and performance issues. System optimizers are applications which can be used to do this. 

Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is a system optimizer that was released back in 2019. Their developers are based in California. 

The application is one of the best in the market currently because of its abundant features, its user-friendly interface, and its efficiency in solving the computer’s issues. This article reviews the application when used for solving computer issues more common now in 2021. This mainly revolves around the need for improving the performance for less lags, ensuring the security of the computer and removing viruses. In previous reviews, the application did not disappoint in terms of overall performance.


The application is built to give a holistic fix to the issues of the computer that targets security and software. As with all system optimizers, the only part it does not fix is the hardware. Rather, it only gives you a summary of its current condition for you to know if you should update parts of it or replace them. 

For performance, the application goes deep into the operating system to optimize it for best speed. First, it deletes any junk files that can be seen in the hard drive. These are usually leftover files from uninstalled applications that were not thoroughly deleted by the uninstaller. The application was able to remove gigabytes of unnecessary files in our system which shows good performance. It also did not delete any vital file of the user. 

Next, the application has a good driver update tool. First, it scanned for the different drivers of the computer, looked at its condition, and then downloaded its updates directly from its manufacturers. This enables good communication between the hardware of the computer and the software which instantly solved some issues our test computer was facing for audio and printer. 

The application also has a disk defragmenter which lessens the gaps in between the hard drive of the computer that are formed when the user frequently uninstalls apps. This allows better loading times for our applications. This took a little more time compared to the other features but did not crash or become unstable while doing so.  

Throughout the whole process, users can freely use their other applications without much issue. This goes to show how little of the processor the application uses which prevents overheating of the computer and allows them to work while the computer is being fixed for better performance.


The security of the computer is important to keep the privacy of the user as well as to protect them from malicious files. 

Advanced System Repair Pro  has a malware detector and quarantine tool. This was capable of detecting viruses, trojans, and more in our computer. The application sorted these files in terms of how severe the damage they might do to our computer. It also gave us the option to delete, keep, or quarantine these files. 

The application can also update the security tools of the operating system to ensure that it will have better protection while browsing online. 

While these tools are effective in keeping the computer safe, it is still best to couple it with a separate antivirus application that may be more geared towards this. 


A common problem with system optimizers is their unfriendly interface which usually intimidates users who are not that knowledgeable with computers. Advanced System Optimizer has an interface that can definitely be seen as stylistic and modern for 2021. The application has a streamlined design that displays the different features and tools for easy access. It does not have complicated tools. It also guides users from start to finish. The progress can also be easily tracked with its helpful application. 

Is it worth it to buy it?

Advanced System Repair is definitely a recommended application for users this 2021. This gives them enough protection and security against common malware nowadays and gives adequate performance fixes to ensure stable computer performance. 

Advanced System Repair is still a good option for computers this 2021 due to its innovative features, its streamlined design, and it's good pricing. The application can guide the user from start to finish, giving them helpful descriptions and tools that target computer security and software. 


  • Uses abundant tools for fixing the computer 
  • Has a modern application interface 
  • Can delete and quarantine malware from the computer 


  • Does cost money to fix issues