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Advanced System Repair Pro 2020 Overview

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated March 25, 2021

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When you buy a new PC, everything is running smoothly, the basic and more advanced operations are easily managed and there is not a single worry on your mind. Even if you face some issues, you still have the manufacturer’s warranty and the possibility to complain and ask for repairs. Even then, this process can take from several days to a couple of weeks, and you will probably be asked to pay for additional costs. Problems with PC like slow performance, system errors, virus damage, and low memory are more likely to occur after long use or due to everyday use. In those situations, Advanced System Repair Pro comes handy because it will fix all the issues found in a short time, for an affordable amount of money.

To start the repair process, the company is offering a free scan report. This is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the software’s friendly interface and its advanced features. Once the scan report is finished you can purchase the license key and choose between three types of memberships:

  • 1 PC license for $29.95 
  • 3 PC license for $39.95 
  • Unlimited PCs license for $49.95

Three are two types of advanced features of Advanced System Repair Pro. The first type are more transparent features and the second are hidden features that take time to discover.

The Windows errors repair feature will remove all unwanted files that are causing the slow performance and cached data that is slowing your browsing experience. By removing unnecessary files, it will prevent and protect the PC from system errors causing you to reboot your PC every time and lose valuable data.

The Privacy feature is one of the most important ones, because it will protect all the valuable information and won’t allow third-party programs and companies to use them. These situations are likely to happen when a virus attacks your operating system. After the repair, the company claims that all viruses will be removed from your PC.

The Windows acceleration feature will improve the speed of the PC by creating a free memory space and removing duplicate entries from everyday browsing. This feature will also improve your browsing experience and speed it up and improve system reboot with 37%.

The hidden features are very interesting and not visible at first sight:

The Advanced VPN feature is taking your browsing experience to another level. With this feature, you can protect your location, passwords, credit card numbers and many more, while browsing. The Advanced System Repair Pro software will inform you about this alert and protect you from hackers and malicious programs.

The Backup feature is one of the most important ones and it concerns the whole repair process. When you start with the repair, the software can automatically remove all the files that are harmful. This may lead to removing some files you want to keep, and that’s why you need to have the option to back up those files and programs and the option the restore to the previous version.

Advanced System Repair Pro is a verified software by McAfee, Norton, IBM, and Intel. It has an easy and straight forward interface. Their licenses can be used for private PC repair, business colleagues and partners because their plans are flexible and affordable for every user.

Overall the program has continued to improve on its already sturdy base of tools, which is why we continue to approve this product for anyone that might be looking to regain some lost speed on their older systems.