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Advanced System Repair Pro Review: An All-in-one PC Care App

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 22, 2020

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In this article we will review Advanced System Repair Pro to find out the good, the bad , and the ugly of what this software has to offer. We look at what they say they can do, what they can actually do, and what we wish they could add to their program to really cover all the issues that everyday users encounter.



  • Has a lot of features for computer optimization stored in one application (disk defragmentation, malware removal, startup optimization, etc.)
  • Discounted price of up to 65%
  • Easy-to-use user interface and minimalist application design
  • 24/7 available free customer service
  • Certified by AppEsteem, WestCoast Labs, Checkmark, and more


  • No live chat for customer service
  • Free version can only scan your computer (repair and optimizing features need to be bought)

 Product Overview

Advanced System Repair is a certified all-in-one computer optimization application. It is especially made to be easier to use for those who are not knowledgeable with the technicalities of the computer's software. It is packed with multiple features such as disk defragmentation, malware remover, storage cleanup tool, and more to help you improve the performance of your PC. These features are all contained in a minimalist and complete user interface which users can learn at their first use. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Advanced System Repair’s pricing plans are friendly for both individual users and groups. There are 2 versions of the app: Advanced System Repair which is free and the paid version, Advanced System Repair Pro. The lowest subscription cost is $29.95. It also offers a discount of up to 65%.

 Advanced System Repair is based on Newport, California. Included in the application’s certifications are an AppEsteem Certification, a CheckMark/WestCoast Labs Non-Malicious App Certification, and a membership with These prove the quality of the application and its integrity as a company.

 Product Review

A slower computer performance does not have to be the end of the machine’s lifetime. Most of the times, it can be attributed to its software. There are a lot of factors that may cause this such as:

  • Corrupted software – Without even knowing it, some files in your computer may already be corrupted. This can be because of improper installation, being transferred to a defective storage device, or even malware. Having too many of these can cause an overall slower PC performance.
  • Viruses and malware – Browsing the internet without security is risky, mostly because of the possibility of downloading viruses and malware. They can attach themselves to seemingly safe applications and then invade the PC after being opened. They can steal the user’s personal information, their computer’s RAM (for data mining), and corrupt some files.
  • Disorganized files – As you install and uninstall applications, remnants of its components can remain in your computer unnoticed. Aside from this, the registry can also be jumbled because of too much clutter. This results to a slower computer processing time.
  • Startup Applications – Some of the applications you have installed on your computer may already set themselves to open alongside the PC’s startup. This results to a larger need for computer memory whenever opening it and can naturally result to a slower performance.

The good news is that these problems can be fixed and configured to return your PC back to peak performance.

Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair Pro is an all-in-one computer optimizing tool which can target all the software problems of the PC. Instead of having to all of this manually, the user can scan for all of their PC’s problems in one click and let the application fix the computer by itself.


Advanced System Repair is packed with a lot of features that can help users to speed up their computer’s performance. Instead of having a specific function such as to be an antivirus application or a disk defragmenter, the application compiles these features in one.

  • 1-Click Maintenance – The app is very easy to use especially because of its aim to fix the computer in just a few clicks. Upon installation, you can start a scan to see the condition of your computer’s software. The app lists out its current issues along with its level of severity for the user to immediately act upon it. With a few more clicks, the application can be left alone to fix these issues. This particular ease of use is a highlight of Advanced System Repair Pro.
  • Junk Cleaner – As mentioned earlier, junk files can be formed in your computer whenever there is an incomplete uninstallation of an application. When this junk is collected, it can cause a slower performance of the PC. The app scans all the computer and summarizes the results for the users so they can decide what will be deleted. This is a good tool that allows users to save some applications they do not want to be removed.
  • Application Selection – There can be background applications running while you use your computer that are unnecessary. These can drain the computer’s memory. The app can put these to sleep and let the users decide which of those will be left running for them to have maximum control.
  • Disk Defragmentation – Fragments within the computer’s memory are caused by files which are not properly stored. Frequent uninstallations can be a reason for this. Defragmentation is used to minimize these and improve computer performance. Advanced System Repair Pro’s defragmentation process is fast and safe. 
  • Malware removal – Instead of having to download an individual application dedicated for malware and removal, the user can use this feature of Advanced System Repair Pro to remove all of the harmful software from the computer. Included in the files it removes are trojans, bots, worms, spyware, adware, and PUPs. What makes it especially notable is the severity level information it provides to users for the latter to decide whether to quarantine the file or to delete it totally.
  • Privacy Tool – Aside from improving the performance of the PC, the application can also improve the user’s level of privacy. It checks for traces of cookies and other files which can track the user's activities. They can then select whether to delete this to secure themselves better.
  • System Optimizer – The application can look at the current condition of the computer. It can display its current settings to the user and adjust to it to return it back to peak performance.
  • Registry Cleaner – The registry keeps track of all the applications installed in the computer. As old entries are removed in it and gaps are formed in between, a slower PC performance may be a result. Advanced System Repair Pro can clean the registry with a single click. The application also creates a back-up version of the computer's data which it can return it to in case the cleaning fails.
  • Uninstalling Menu – The application lists out all the installed applications in the computer. The user can then select which one to uninstall. This is because freeing up space in the hard drive can result to a faster performance. Although this can be done through the Windows Control Panel, having this option in the application makes it easier to do for users.
  • Startup Optimizer – Choosing only the applications which you want to use immediately upon the computer's startup can drastically lessen startup time. Instead of having to wait minutes every time the computer starts up, this feature allows you to select the specific applications which opens at startup.
  • Driver Update – The drivers of the computer link the software to the hardware. These are used for audio, printers, and more. If these are not updated, the computer can have a lower performance quality. The application can scan for the drivers online and update it instantly.

As seen in its features, Advanced System Repair proves itself to be capable of being called an “all-in-one” computer optimizer. Without the need for manual fixing and installation of single-purpose apps (antiviruses or disk defragmenters), you can have all these features in one application and they can be used with just a few clicks.

Another highlight is the fact that these features give maximum control to the users. They are still given a choice whether to delete files and to select which applications should be prioritized. Through this, they can save files which may be accidentally considered junk by the application. They can also learn how to have healthy computer practices for a longer software lifetime.


For a user to give access to their computer’s software, they must first have complete trust in the application. System Repair recognizes this and proves their validity through their website.

The application has an AppEsteem Certification given by Microsoft cybersecurity executives. It is awarded to applications that are free from harmful consumer practices and fraudulent practices.

They are also given a non-malicious app certification by CheckMark as tested by WestCoast Labs. This proves that they have met the criteria as non-malicious program and have been verified as a genuine computer security solutions app.

They are also a member of which is an organization where applications that respect consumer privacy and follow industry standards are included.

They also list IBM, WestCoast Labs, Checkmark, AppEsteem, CleanApps, Tolly, McAfee, Norton, and Intel as partners. These are reputable brands and are known to be good applications for computers.

To further prove the performance of the application, they have available lab results displayed on their website. It includes reports regarding the application’s interactions with Windows Errors, Security, and Performance issues.

Ease of Use and Interface

One of the highlights of Advanced System Repair is its ease of use. Even if it deals with the technicalities of the computer, it manages to ease the process of computer optimization for users to better understand.

The installation process was fast and helpful. It lets the user have full control of the installation process.

The main user interface of the application was simple and modern in its design. Upon opening, the user can start a scan to see all of the computer’s current issues that may be causing a slower performance. After this, a report will be given by the application that summarizes all these.

The features are displayed in large tabs at the left side of the application for easier viewing. This includes the following buttons: Malware Cleaner, Realtime System Care, Realtime Protection, Disk Defragmenter, and Privacy Cleaner.

We did not have any problems with using the features of the application as they are all reliable and important for improving the computer’s speed. After running a scan and letting it do all the job, we immediately noticed an improvement in the PC’s performance.

For the users to understand the features better, a description can be found at the top side of the application for each feature. A FAQ section can also be seen on their website.

Customer Support

Advanced System Repair has an available customer support through their website. From here, a user can submit a ticket or use the “Chat Now” feature which can be used by customers to give inquiries or feedback. Information related to billing and product activation can also be found here.

The website also has helpful articles to equip users with more information about the software. It has an article that describes the individual features of the app, an article about the dangers of having malware in the computer, and an article about disk fragmentation. It also guides users through the installation process of the app.

There is also an available FAQ that is mainly about the activation of the application and information related to license keys.

Their customer support is free and available 24/7. However, do not expect a quick reply as there is no available live chat.


Advanced System Repair Pro can be bought through three subscriptions plans. Here are the names of the plans along with their original price, billing period, and discounted price.


Original Price

Billing Period

Discounted Price (65% off)

1 PC License


Every 3 months


3 PC Licenses


Every 3 months


Unlimited PC Licenses


Every 3 months


The application can be bought through credit card or PayPal. It recognizes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Direct Debit.

The user is also given a money-back guarantee. It is only avaialable within 60 days of purchase. This can be done by contacting their support desk, sending an e-mail, sending a request via phone, or through a letter mailed to their office. More information about this can be seen through their website’s customer help page.


Pro Tip : Here is a link that you can use to get Advanced System Repair on your system with just a couple clicks. We give them two thumbs up so give them a try, their free scan will show you everything that can be fixed on your system.

1st Download & Run Advanced System Repair system optimizer. (Recommended)

2nd Click Start Scan to identify all errors.

3rd Click "Fix All" and that's it!