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Advanced System Repair Pro Review for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 14, 2021

Fixing the inside of a computer


As threats to computer performance and security become more advanced, hundreds of system repair tools are being produced. Among the most popular repair tools in the market today is the Advanced System Repair Pro. This program was designed exclusively for Windows and supports all the Windows including Windows 10.

Advanced System Repair Pro is effective not just in optimizing your system but cleaning your registry. Here are some of the features that make this program a hot cake for many.

Features of Advanced System Repair Pro

Junk cleaner

Having a PC full of useless junk files and unnecessary applications can result in a massive slowdown in your computer performance. By cleaning it and organizing the space, you can significantly increase the speed and performance of your machine. Advanced System Repair Pro helps you detect and delete unnecessary information including browsing history, text history, and junk files of all types to create space on your drive.


Hard Drive Defragmenter

Defragmenting your hard drive comes with benefits. In essence, your computer stores data in a sequential fashion on a hard drive. With time, as you install and uninstall more data, this sequence could be lost and the data may be stored randomly across multiple locations on the hard drive. 

As you may have heard, such scattered files take a longer time to access and load. No worries, you can put them back to a more orderly manner with a hard drive defragmenter feature of Advanced System Repair Pro. 


Registry cleaner

Advanced System Repair Pro is effective not just in optimizing your system but cleaning your registry. In essence, the registry is basically the database system utilized by your PC operating system to save various Windows setting data. That is to say, this is where your system will check for data whenever you are doing a Windows setting.

With that being said, the registry is a very crucial part of the operating system. Any damage or corruption to this part of your PC can cause a lot of Windows problems. Advanced repair system is designed to clean up these issues by properly removing the culprit.

Spyware and Malware Removal

The presence of spyware, adware, and malicious files is the reason our PC begins to have some annoying performance. Even some malware that are deemed not to be dangerous are not good for your system since they consume a considerable amount of your system memory.

Advanced System Repair Pro is capable of scanning any form of malware and viruses and removing them. The best part, it does this using a clean and friendly user interface and you only have to do a few clicks and let the program do the rest for you.

Startup Optimize

There is always no limit to the number of programs that startup with your Windows. In essence, the more the programs allowed to start with your Windows, the slower your Windows startup will be. Since some of these programs are not useful, you should limit them.

Thanks to Advanced System Repair Pro you can now limit the number of programs that are allowed to start with your Windows and permit only the useful ones. It has been proven that those who have installed this provider have their Windows startup improved by 70%.


One-click interface

This provider is an excellent tool for an average computer user and those with limited time. I mean the kind of users that want their system to run faster, but have little idea or time to achieve that. Advanced System Repair Pro comes with a much easier and more accessible user interface. Getting the most out of this provider doesn’t require a steep learning curve or commitment.  

Pricing and Plans

The provider comes with three subscription plans to choose from. They include a 1 PC license at $29.95 for one-time use, a limited 3 PC license costing $49.95, and an unlimited 3 PC license at $49.95 for three-month use. 

Is Advanced System Repair Pro a Good Program?

Gone are the days when you had to take your computer to the PC repair technician and leave it there for several days. You can now have your machine back into its original state in an hour when it freezes, crashes, or experiences any sort of error. Even better, you can simply prevent such occurrence with Advanced System Repair Pro.

The best part, fixing your computer problems using this provider is very easy and it is something anyone can do. Once installed, it does most of the repairs automatically. The repair tools are easily accessible on the interface and operated by just a click on the button.

Most importantly, the program will identify the root cause of your computer crashes, freezes, and other errors and help you fix them at a very generous price. If you have ever had your PC handled by a repair technician, you will have to admit that they usually charge expensively. Even worse, you are likely to frequent the repair workshop because some of the technicians shoddily fix the problem and the issues easily reemerge.  

Is it Advanced System Repair Pro Safe?

Advanced System Repair Pro is safe in various aspects. To begin with, it deletes all your potential sensitive and confidential information during the repair. Besides, all the details that you entered while purchasing their service are not shared with the third party.

The provider is also a proud Microsoft Certified Partner. The company is one of the leading producers of award-winning and trusted utility software. The provider also earned appEsteen Certifications. 

Lastly, this program is not in any way a scamware or malware. No antivirus programs detect it and it doesn't corrupt or deletes files anyhow like malware and viruses. In addition, there is no pressure from the company to purchase their products and the pops that you receive after installing the products can be stopped.

With that being clarified, consumers have nothing to fear when installing and using this app on their devices.

What Can Advanced System Repair Pro Do for Your System?

Advanced System Repair Pro utilizes multiple tools all in one to give you a quick, simple, reliable, and very thorough diagnosis and repair of your PC. It has multiple feature scans including privacy scan, registry scan, security holes scan, outdated driver scan, disk defragment scan among others.

Once the software is installed, it gives you an option to click on “Scan” and start collecting data for your PC repair process. This preliminary scan is free and can help detect common issues that could be affecting your PC including stability, security, and performance issues.

Once the scan is complete, it displays a window showing all the system gathered data including privacy traces, junk files, registry entries, startup optimizer, malware threats, security holes among others. This window comes with a “fix all'' button that once clicked the provider starts the repair.

During the repair, the software protects your privacy by deleting web surfing traces and potentially sensitive and confidential information. In addition, it clears all the junk files and replaces all the corrupt and missing files with the healthy ones from its database. The end result is a PC that runs like it is new.


Advanced System Repair Pro has a good reputation from users. If you have been searching for the most trusted PC repairs, look no further. You can download this program from the company official website and scan your computer for free. That will help you gauge the provider and make an informed decision before purchasing any of their affordable plans.