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Advanced System Repair Pro Thorough Review

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 14, 2021

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  • Has a lot of certifications and partnerships with reputable brands
  • Has diverse features that can target software, hardware, and security
  • Can fix PC issues with just a couple of clicks
  • Has flexible pricing plans
  • Gives unlimited PC licenses for just $49.95
  • Has a good customer support service


  • The free version can only give you a full scan of your PC


Advanced System Repair Pro is one of the best computer applications given its diversity of features and ease of use. With users being capable of fixing computer performance and security issues with just a couple of clicks, the product is especially geared for computer novices. Issues within the software and security will be solved, and users will also be able to see the condition of their hardware.

The application also has flexible and affordable pricing plans that can give you unlimited PC licenses for just $49.95. Their customer service is reliable and informative enough to answer most user’s questions. The application also has a lot of certifications that prove its quality and reliability. In case you are reading this review and wondering if it is still current, do not worry. We have done an update of advanced system reapair pro 2021 and you just need to click on that link to find the most up to date review of this software.


Advanced System Repair Pro is a premium computer optimization application. Released in 2018, the application is known for improving the speed of computers by analyzing and solving issues within the software. The application has good customer reviews and currently has a rating of A. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

 The application is filled with features that are targeted towards the computer’s software and security issues. It also provides valuable information about the hardware to inform you if it has too much files which may affect PC performance.

It is also built for maximum convenience, with users being able to fix their PC issues with only a couple of clicks.

What does it do?

Advanced System Repair has a total of 10 features which users can have full access once the application is activated with a license key. For its free version, it offers a full scan of your computer’s issues.

Instead of having to download separate applications that are specifically targeted for the registry, viruses, and malware, users are given access to all of these with one application. Once the application has finished scanning and fixing issues, common computer performance issues such as crashing, freezing, and the notorious Blue Screen of Death (fatal software error).

What are its features?

As mentioned, the application targets three different parts of the computer including the hardware.


For hardware, the application can do a full scan of your computer’s hardware and memory. The total amount of free space within these will be shown along with the used space. The pie chart included in the graphic is a good tool which can help users get a sense of how much more they can download in their computer.


The application has 6 features focused on the software including:

  • System Junk/Clutter Scan – this lets you delete any junk files that are taking up space in your hard drive
  • System Startup Optimizer – this lets you prioritize which applications should only open along with the PC to improve its speed
  • Registry Scan – this scans and repairs corrupted entries within the registry to lessen system errors
  • Outdated Drivers Scan – this scans for the most updated drivers for your external hardware directly from its manufacturers
  • Disk Defragment Scan – this lessens the gaps within your files for them to be stored more efficiently and to lessen loading times
  • Corrupt System Files Scan – this scans for corrupted entries within your operating system and fixes them with genuine files


The application also provides features targeted towards user security protection and privacy enhancement. These include the following:

  • Privacy Scan – this feature scans and deletes the cookies stored in your web browsers to prevent you from being tracked online
  • Security Holes Scan – any security vulnerabilities within the operating system will be repaired by the application using genuine Microsoft files
  • Malware Scan – this scans and removes viruses and malware present in your computer

All of the features the app offers are well-rounded and capable of addressing almost all of the issues a computer has in relation to performance. Aside from this, it was also able to help users in improving their security and privacy.

Ease of use

The best part about Advanced System Repair in 2021 is that it is built for maximum user convenience. Upon installation, the app will do a full scan of your PC to look for any issues. It will then start fixing these by itself once a license is activated. The user will only need to do a couple of clicks for their PC to be repaired. This is why the application is recommended especially for those without much knowledge about the computer.

The application has a minimalist interface where all features are instantly seen in the homepage. Information about the purpose of each feature is displayed to aid users who may want to know more about the functionalities of each.

Users are also given the option to have an interface colored blue, black, or silver.


The application has received a lot of certifications that prove its product quality and reliability. Currently, they have been certified by WestCoast Labs, AppEsteem Certifications, CheckMark Certified, and a membership.


If you are looking for an all-around computer optimization application capable of targeting computer hardware, software, and security as to improve performance, Advanced System Repair Pro is the best application for it. Aside from all its capabilities, it also has a user-friendly interface that almost anyone can run even without much knowledge about the computer.

The application has friendly license rates that adjusts depends upon the number of licenses you will need. All its plans are recurrent every three months which make it an affordable buy. They also have a reliable refund policy.


Advanced System Repair Pro’s features are all available once a license is bought. If not, only a scan will be offered for free.

Their pricing plans are flexible depending on the number of licenses you will need.

  • 1 license is priced at $29.95
  • 3 licenses are priced at $39.95
  • Unlimited licenses are priced at $49.95

All these plans are recurrent every 3 months. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee which is on-part with their competitors.

They accept major credit cards and Paypal for payments.


Advanced System Repair Pro has a basic customer support system that is expected from a computer-systemizing application (they mostly do not provide live chat support systems).

Their phone number is (949) 478-0027.

For inquiries about the product, they have an FAQ available in their website. Here, questions about billing, product activation, and more are answered.