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Advanced System Repair Review 2020

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 19, 2020

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These days the market is full of many different and suspicious PC software optimizers causing a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the right one. A PC software optimizer has to fulfill several basic criteria in order to accomplish and satisfy many advanced and complex PC conditions in the modern age. Today we are confronted with the everyday use of computers, various applications, and the use of the internet, both private and for businesses purposes. That is the main reason our computers are full of misleading traces, full registries, and in danger of threat scenarios from numerous types of viruses and malware.

At the same time, the software has to be licensed, and the company has the obligation to accomplish a certification from trusted companies to confirm their legitimacy to the current market.  

Advanced System Repair has an AppEsteem certification from Microsoft granting that only authorized components will be installed on your PC. With this certificate removing all the software parts from PC will be guaranteed upon uninstallation. Cookies and other registry files will be removed as well. Encryption is also an essential part of this certificate because it guarantees that all personal info will be safe and kept from third-party members.

Advanced System Repair also assured its customers that their software is not a scam because it is powered by CheckMark Certified accreditation. Every software goes through their Remediation Test where it is tested for various threats scenarios, virus detection and damage repair.

How to use Advanced System Repair

The software is very easy to use and specially designed for those who are not very tech-savvy. Before the installation, there are just a few requirements your PC must fulfill in order to use the software at its full potential:

  • Required minimum RAM is 512 MB
  • It supports Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10
  • You need 100 MB free storage to install the app
  • CPU: 800 MHz Processor Intel or AMD Processor necessary 

Once installed, the wizard will guide you through the whole process. To keep your privacy first, you will be asked to confirm the End User License Agreement where you can read all about privacy policy and terms of use. You can also manually approve or disapprove the option to automatically receive the updates and to accept or decline the scheduled scan if you want to set it manually by your own desire.

You have two options when it comes to PC scan: you can choose whether you want to run a basic scan or a deep scan report. It’s completely up to you to decide, and based on your decision, the scan will be shorter or a little bit longer. Overall, the scan report doesn’t take long and it also dependents on PC current condition.

The scan report is related to PC stability and security. The software will gather the following information in order to provide you with adequate information and repair:

  • Privacy traces
  • Junk files
  • Registry Entries
  • System Optimizer
  • System Optimizations
  • Driver Updates
  • Malware Threats
  • Disk Defragmentation
  • Security holes
  • Corrupted files and errors

When the scan report is finished, you will be represented with two options: you can manually fix limited numbers or the found issues, at no cost, or you can purchase a license key and get unlimited access to all its features. If you want to see how the software is working you can try a manual option under the Settings where you will see the option Manual fix where you can select View and clean part of items at a time free option.

If you want to have a license key, you can choose between three types of licenses:

  • 1 PC license for $29.95
  • 3 PC licenses for $39.95
  • Unlimited PC’s license for $49.95


Advanced System Repair has some of the most comprehensive features for many complex system operations.

Windows speed up feature – After a comprehensive deep scan and gathered data, you can remove any duplicated documents, cookies and cached data, Windows errors like BSOD or Freezing Computer condition, and prevent it from happening again. If you are concerned about potentially losing some valuable information, you need to know that the software is offering a Backup feature where you can quarantine all the data you would like to keep or possibly restore at some point.

Anti-Malware feature – With their Anti-Malware Certification, the software is detecting the virus in the system. With its complex algorithms, the software is designed for various threats scenarios. Note that this software is not an anti-virus program that will protect your PC from viruses, malware, or Trojans, but it can revert the damage and remove it from the operating system. The company claims of having a huge Microsoft database with healthy and updated files that can replace the damaged ones.

Privacy cleaner feature – With this option you can delete all your browsing data and privacy traces while browsing. This is related to the Privacy sector because it can protect you from non-legal use of some potentially harmful websites.

Registry Cleaner feature – Windows registry is constantly filling up with new registry files every time you download an app or import some new files on your PC. Sometimes, the registry will face some difficulties because it will be too cluttered with invalid entries, broken links, and redundant items. Even in situations when you remove the program from PC, some entries will remain and slow down PC performance. That’s why the registry needs to be cleaned every once in a while to keep operating system error-free.

Disk Defrag feature - Defragmentation is the way toward merging divided records on the client's hard drive. Records become divided when information is composed on the disk, and there isn't sufficient space to hold the total document. Capacity algorithms break the information into separated fragments, so it will fit into the accessible space.

The procedure of defragmentation moves the information on the hard drive around to bring all the pieces of a document together. Defragmentation decreases the fragmentation process, expanding the productivity of information recovery and in this way improving the general performance of the PC. Simultaneously, it cleans the capacity and gives extra storage capacity.

The Backup feature will guarantee that the new and updated apps can be returned to the previous one. During the repair procedure, the software will expel the records that are causing low-level PC performance, yet with this component, you can pick which documents you need to spare. The backup procedure is guaranteeing that any physical or virtual documents are put away in another area for better conservation if there should arise an occurrence of a PC crash or some other harm. This procedure ought to be run regularly for better security and information protection. This will guarantee quick information recovery whenever you need one.

Advanced VPN feature will give you better protection when you're browsing on an unsafe open network. Virtual Private Network option will ensure your private data like passwords, area, charge card numbers, and some more. With this component, you can securely associate with another open system without uncovering your protection, log traces and you will have the access to get to some area limited sites.

Startup Manager feature will deal with the programs that are easing back the PC reboot on the grounds that they are consequently propelled out of sight. Each time you download another program, it will most likely be set up at an automatic start with every system reboot. This activity can be expelled and set to the manual, yet now and then these apps are not obvious, yet they are causing you a great deal of time. With Startup Manager option, you can pick which apps will be activated with every system reboot and reduce the draining energy from your PC. After the scan report, the wizard will show you the field where you can manage this option.


Advanced System Repair is an all-in-one PC repair solution with a reliable background and many certifications from well-known companies. You can easily and quickly resolve any problems with your PC, for a reasonable price, and with a full security background. With their three types of licenses, you can save your budget and keep many devices maintained for a long time.