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Advanced System Repair Review 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 11, 2020

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System optimizers can help you keep your computer always fast and available to use. Without it, you may start experiencing common issues such as slower performance and application crashes even with normal usage. This especially happens if you are prone to uninstalling and installing applications, downloading unsafe files, and others. With system optimizers, you can fix all of these issues with just a couple of clicks. This makes it useful for all users.


Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is an excellent choice for a system optimizer because of the abundance of features it contains along with the simple interface it uses. The application is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The application currently has a rating of A+ in the Better Business Bureau which shows that they are committed to ensuring that their customers’ inquiries and complaints will always be answered and resolved. Their application comes in both a free and a paid version, with the latter giving access to all of its features once licensed. They are based in California.

Installing the application

The application can be downloaded through their website. From here, an installer will be downloaded. The installer contains their privacy policy, the language selection, and the installation path for the application. The installation process is very fast and only takes a couple of minutes to finish. It also did not slow down our computer.

Scanning the computer

The first tool that can be used by users is the system scan. Here, the application will scan the computer to look for the parts which are suffering from issues and may be causing the slow performance. It will also show information about the hardware of the computer such as the total remaining size for your hard disk. Users should take note, though, that this feature can already be done through Window’s File Explorer.


Features of Advanced System Repair Pro

Next, the program will look for Privacy Traces in your computer. This mainly pertains to the cookies that can be found in your web browsers which are used by the websites you visit to remember your personal preferences. In some ways, it can be a way for tracking your activities which some may not be comfortable with. Advanced System Repair can remove these cookies from your different browsers.

Next, the application will look for junk files within your computer which pertains to unused files that are mainly leftovers by uninstalled applications that did not thoroughly clean its parts from your hard disk. By removing this from the PC, users can install newer applications and also have better system speed.

The application can also be used to optimize your registry. This part of the computer keeps data about the different applications currently stored in your computer, remembering important settings. When parts of it are corrupted, the affected applications may start to crash frequently. While you can fix this manually, users are generally not advised to do this because of the possibility of damaging more entries. With this feature, Advanced System Repair fixes these entries as to improve your system stability.

The application can also help lessen the number of applications that open alongside the PC. Some of these are pre-programmed to do this without your consent. When there are a lot of these that open with the PC, you may experience very slow startups because of the need to share your computer resources with a lot of processes. With this feature of Advanced System Repair, users can improve this.

The system optimization tool can be used to optimize your settings for the fastest performance. This is an important tool for Windows computers that have a lot of settings that constantly change.

Next, the application has a driver updater which scans for outdated ones in your computer and updates it using files directly from the manufacturer’s websites. This is important as drivers are responsible for connecting the software to your hardware. When you have outdated versions of these, some applications may be unable to open. Your PC will also not receive fixes for any bugs.

One of the most important tools for Advanced System Repair is the malware remover. This scans the computer for any signs of viruses, spywares, rootkits, and similar malware that are mostly downloaded from unsafe websites. When left alone, it may spread itself further to your other safe files and cause your computer to be slower than ever. This tool scans these in your computer and then quarantines them. Users are given the option to either delete or retain these to ensure that safe applications will not be removed.

 Next is the disk defragmenter. This removes the gaps in between the files stored in your hard drive that is mostly attributed to having frequent uninstallations and installations. This is because having this can cause your computer to load slower than usual.

The next feature is the corrupted files and error tool. This looks at the condition of important system files for Windows that are experiencing issues. It then either replaces these with genuine Windows files or fixes these. This is important in ensuring that the computer will not experience crashes along with fatal errors such as the Blue Screen of Death which requires a full restart in order to be fixed, making it possible for you to lose your unsaved data.

The last feature is the Security Holes which updates the security settings of your Windows computer to make you safer from hackers.


User Interface

What makes the application very easy to use is the fact that all of these features are stored in a streamlined and simply designed application. Its colors can be changed from Blue, White, and Black. From here, descriptions of each feature are written to let users know what the application does for their computers. Through this, even those without much knowledge of the computer can know more about how to maintain their PC at peak performance.


Is it safe for my computer?

Nowadays, there are a lot of applications online that claim to be safe for your computer but is just a virus instead. This is why users are advised to first ensure that the application is secure before downloading it. The good news is that Advanced System Repair is a very safe application. It can be used to improve the status of your computer, remove viruses and malware from it, and more. The application also does not scam users for their money as it is effective in improving computer performance.


What can it not fix?

Advanced System Repair is a system optimizer which means that it mainly deals with software issues. Because of this, users should not expect it to be able to fix hardware issues such as it being outdated or if it is not capable or running your applications. For this, users should hire a technician as to consult their problems. Aside from this, the application also does not fix third-party applications. This includes browsers with Office applications, online browsing applications, and more. For this, the developers of these should be contacted.


Customer Support

The application has an online FAQ containing guides on installation, using its features, licensing, and more. Here, users can submit a ticket support which will be responded to within a day or two. The application also has helpful tools written throughout its different features for users to be guided about how it works.


Is it recommended for you?

Advanced System Repair is a very recommended application for many because of the abundance of its features which ensures that every software issue that may be causing your slow performance will be fixed. It is also very easy to use which can be seen in its interface and how it is designed. The application is friendly for amateur users because of its ease of usage and for those with more knowledge with the PC because it is fast to use and accurate in its fixes. With the application, users can only click a couple of buttons and fix their issues within minutes. When we did a full review of Advanced System Repair Pro we found it to the be on of the best programs we encountered.