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Advanced System Repair: What are its PC speed-improving features?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 14, 2021

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Advanced System Repair is an application you can use to improve the performance of your computer. By configuring with your software’s settings, fixing corrupted files, and more, the application can make your PC return to peak performance.


The application’s developers are based in Newport, California. They are partners with reputable brands such as Intel, WestCoast Labs, IBM, TrustPilot, The Tolly Group, and McAfee. The application is genuine and is not a malware application.


Advanced System Repair is equipped with a lot of features to improve the PC’s speed.

For the free version, you can have access to a full scan of your computer’s problems. This is handy in case you are knowledgeable about the computer and can fix these on your own.

Activating the full license for the application, however, gives you full access to all its features. This range in its usage from software, hardware information, to security which makes it especially handy.

The following are the different features of Advanced System Repair:

  • Full System Scan – This feature scans your computer for any problems that may be causing issues with system speed and security. It also gives you an overview of the remaining free space within your hardware (including RAM and hard drive).
  • Privacy Scan – This lets you scan for any cookies currently stored in your browsers (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). By deleting these, you can prevent your online activities and preferences from being traced online.
  • Junk Files – To free up space in your hard drive, you can delete junk files or remnant files from uninstalled applications. These files are entirely unusable and only take up unnecessary space in your computer.
  • Startup Optimization – With this feature, you can look at all the applications that open alongside your PC along with an indicator of how much it makes it slower. Information such as RAM, CPU, and Net usage is shown.
  • Registry Entries – The app can be used to scan and fix corrupted entries within the registry to lessen system crashing and freezing.
  • Security Holes – This features scans for all the security vulnerabilities of your computer. It then downloads Microsoft files to replace these to improve your computer’s protection.
  • Driver Updates – To ensure that your hardware is properly synced with your computer, the application will update all of your outdated drivers. These will come directly from its manufacturers to ensure quality.
  • Malware remover – Because they can drastically damage your files and put user security at risk, malware must be removed from the PC. With the app, you can scan for viruses and malware in your computer and delete them.
  • Disk Defragmenter – This feature can be used to arrange the files stored in your hard drive to be stored more efficiently. This can make loading times faster for your computer.
  • System Integrity Check – This features scans for any system errors and corrupt files currently in your software. It will then fix all of these issues to ensure that system crashing and freezing will be prevented.

How to use it

Upon installation, you can do a full scan of your computer with the application. This can be done even for those who have not bought a license.

In order to gain full access to all of these features, you will need to purchase a key directly from their website. Once activated, the application can start fixing your PC with just a couple of clicks. This makes it especially convenient and easy to use for users who are not that knowledgeable with computers.

Upon the end of its scanning and fixing, you can expect less system crashes and freezing. We have done an updated full review of advanced system repair pro for 2021 , and you can just click that link to find out the newest features the program offers.