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An In-Depth Reimage Plus Review 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 20, 2020

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Reimage is a useful program that uses cutting-edge and lightning-speed scans to detect potentially unwanted files from your personal computer, checks how your computer performs, and enhances your online and offline experience. It is your trustworthy and reliable companion that you should consider using if you want adequate protection while investing a few dollars. Although it has useful features, it lacks the support for third-party app file replacements and is limited to scanning malware and PC status only. With that said, no satisfaction is permanent; that's why Reimage's pricing has no strings attached, so you can always get your money back within 60 days with the help of their customer care.

What is Reimage Plus?

The Israel-based Reimage introduces their service as a top-quality complementary tool for your already-powerful antivirus equipped in your PC. The software aims to enhance your overall experience and grants you solid protection against external threats like malware. 

Currently, Reimage only dedicates its service to Windows and lets people access the program regardless of geographical location. 

How much does Reimage Plus cost?

Gaining access to next-level system protection is only a few clicks away. It all starts with subscribing to one of Reimage's risk-free offers listed below:

One license and one-time repair for $29.95, unlimited use and a one-year warranty for the same price, and three licenses and unlimited use for one year, which costs $39.95.

A quick comparison to the first two billing plans, the second plan seems to be the most ideal because it has the same price, but grants you a warranty. On the other hand, the third billing plan is discounted and lets you connect two more devices, which is excellent.

Once you pick the best offer, you can always place your payment through PayPal and major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

If you think Reimage did not meet your expectations, always keep in mind that you're eligible for a refund within 60 days of your first purchase. All you have to do is reach out politely to their live chat or e-mail account, and you're good to go. When we reviewed Reimage Plus and compared it to others, we found that their customer support was one of the best, and easiest, to deal with. They really went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the product and to provide a refund when we asked for one.

Benefits of Using Reimage

After your first successful subscription and activation of the reliable Reimage, you'll get the following fancy features that can optimize your overall online and offline experience.

  1. Fast-Speed Detection

Reimage's preliminary scan detects all issues in your PC with speed and accuracy. It is essential, especially if there's something wrong inside your delicate system that requires further action.  

The scan reveals hidden malware, crashing programs, errors, and faulty hardware. Once the scanning is done, leave the job to Reimage to replace files for crashing programs or remove any threat found with your equipped antivirus.

  1. Helps in Malware Removal

A malware often causes a headache to the user side and severe problems to the technical side. Whether it is a trojan, worm, virus, rootkits, spyware, or adware, Reimage's deep and speedy scan will detect all of these to prevent any further complications. After that, it's up to you if you want to quarantine or delete the detected threat with your chosen antivirus

  1. Fixes Errors in Windows

Errors in Windows are either mildly annoying or severely PC-threatening, which includes programs crashing or freezing out of the blue, the infamous blue screen of death, and many more. Reimage lets you diagnose the source of the problem, and you'll only have to sit back as the program fulfills its job.

  1. Monitors Hardware Status

Reimage's quick scan keeps you updated with the status of your computer parts. It essentially monitors the temperature, memory, CPU power, and hard disk speed and will bring back results to you so you can take proper action whether to repair or replace the part.

  1. Virus Damage Repair

After a harmful malware has been removed from your precious PC, the problem does not end yet. Files that were infected are most likely to misbehave because of the untold horror the virus has caused to your system. Restoro offers a game-changing solution to your virus damage problems by replacing missing or broken files with new ones.

  1. Missing or Broken Windows Files Repair

Whether you accidentally deleted a delicate Windows file from your PC or previously been infected by unwanted programs you accidentally installed, Reimage got your back. The compelling software has an extensive collection of Windows files exclusively free and available for their customers, which includes you.

  1. Detects Potentially Harmful Websites

Navigating the world wide web always poses a security threat if you don't stick with the basics of avoiding websites in disguise. These websites are usually swarmed with opportunistic attackers that want your sensitive data or your PC destroyed for a variety of reasons. 

Luckily, one of Reimage's top priorities is keeping you safe while browsing the web by giving you an insight into whether a website has a bad reputation or not. This lets you enjoy worry-free surfing while enjoying the rest of the software's features.

  1. Reachable Customer Service

Customer service is usually our go-to place when we have a problem to discuss or something to ask. Fortunately, Reimage has decent and responsive customer service representatives that will help you in your technical issues or refund request. You can always reach them at their live chat or provided e-mail address. Just don't forget to be polite so you'll have a smooth conversation with them.

Feature Limitations or Reimage Plus

Reimage is an excellent software with qualities of features offered for a great price. However, it has some limitations that might trouble other users.

  1. Limited to Malware Detection Only

Reimage purely dedicates its service to rapid virus detection only, not removal. Your installed antivirus will take care of the rest when you're done scanning.

  1. Does Not Support File Replacement for Third-Party Apps

While it's good news that Reimage has a reliable repository containing 25 million files for replacing missing and broken files, it is limited to Windows files only. If you're using a browser or games outside of Windows, then sadly, you won't get the replacement files you'll need.

  1. Does Not Fix Hardware Problem

Reimage is only limited to monitoring your PC parts' status, not magically repair any issue found. 

Should you try using Reimage on your system?

You might be wondering at this point if you should consider using Reimage for at least a short period – and we highly support you to do it. Reimage already presents you with the benefits and limitations you can get while using their compelling program.

For price-conscious people, the price may bring pain to their wallets, but it's good to know that they have a Cyber Monday sale, making their billing plans discounted. For privacy-conscious people, the company assured that your data would never be handed to third parties and the government. So get the utmost protection with Reimage – with no commitments – before any threat takes over your PC.