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An in-depth review of Advanced System Repair Pro 2020's Features, Pricing, and More

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 29, 2020

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  • Very flexible features that can be used for software, hardware, and the security of the computer
  • Can scan and fix the PC with just a couple of clicks
  • Very simple user interface that is friendly for all users
  • Flexible pricing
  • Has an ‘unlimited licenses’ plan


  • Its free version can only do a scan of the PC

Product Overview

Advanced System Repair is a fast and dependable computer optimization application that was able to increase our computer’s performance. It is equipped with features that specifically fix problems within the software and security and gave valuable advices to improve hardware performance. It is very easy to use because it does a full scan of the computer upon installation and fixes issues found within the PC with just a few clicks from the user. It is compatible with most Windows versions including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It has both a licensed and free version.


Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer-optimizing application developed by a company based in Newport, California. It is known for being one of the most user-friendly apps which is important especially for users who are not that knowledgeable with the computer. The application is compatible with most Windows versions.


The application can be downloaded through their official website. After installation, you can start a full scan of the three important parts of your PC: the software, hardware, and security. These three should always be kept error-free to ensure better computer performance.


The following are the different features of the app along with the parts of the PC that it fixes:

  • System Data – this feature looks at the current condition of your hardware and gives information on its temperature, model, and memory
  • Privacy Traces – this feature looks at the cookies stored in the different browsers that you use which should be regularly cleaned to ensure that you will not be traced online
  • Junk Files – these are remaining files from recent uninstallations which should be deleted to free up space on your hard drive
  • Registry Entries – the registry is filled with crucial information about the different files installed in your PC which is why it is important to fix corrupted entries within it
  • Startup optimizer – this looks at the applications that open alongside your computer and advises you about which ones are causing it to become slower
  • Security holes – this feature detects the vulnerabilities of your system security and fixes them to reinforce user privacy
  • Driver updates – this feature scans for all drivers of the computer that are currently not updated and downloads its latest updates straight from its manufacturer
  • Malware scanner – this feature looks for the malicious files and viruses that may be accidentally downloaded whenever you visit unsafe websites and download pirated files
  • Disk defragment – this lessens the gaps formed in between your files whenever you install and uninstall too much
  • System corrupt files scanner – this looks at the system files that are corrupt and must be replaced to ensure better performance and to prevent frequent system crashing

These are all summarized into one comprehensive report for the user to be able to know the different factors affecting their PC’s speed. For the free version of the app, its usability ends with this scan. For those with a licensed version, however, they can use all of the features stated which is a fair deal given its affordable pricing and range of features. A free scan is quite generous for the application and shows that they are quite confident in their quality.

With all of these features, Advanced System Repair is one of the most flexible computer optimizing applications.


The interface of the application is very minimalist and easy to use for all users. The whole scanning and fixing process can be done with a couple of clicks.

The GUI can be changed to the colors blue, black, and silver to suit a user’s personal preference. All of these designs compliment the feature buttons properly and does not drown out the important features of the app.


The pricing for Advanced System Repair depends upon the number of licenses that you will need. Given that you need to use it about thrice per month to ensure maximum computer performance, a pricing plan that is recurrent every 3 months is quite affordable.

The following are the prices for the product (all are discounted up to 65%):

  • A single license is priced at $29.95
  • 3 licenses are priced at $39.95
  • Unlimited licenses are priced at $49.95