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Ashampoo WinOptimizer Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 17, 2021

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The computer naturally encounters a lot of software issues the longer that you use it. The usual suspects of this are remnant files from uninstalled applications, the presence of malware, and a disarranged registry. Fixing this does not require a computer technician or even a full system reset, though. Most of the time, system optimizers can do the job easily. Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a very popular choice for many users because of good customer reviews, flexible pricing plans, a lot of features available, and more.


Ashampoo is a German company founded in 1999. They are known for their computer applications such as WinOptimizer and Burning Studios. They are known for being very reliable when it comes to product quality because of their frequent updates to fix bugs, improve features, and more. In our review of Ashampoo WinOptimizer , we found that it is one of their most popular products.


The interface of the application is simple and sleek. Upon opening the application, users are greeted with the overview of the computer’s status. Here, users can observe the current condition of the computer including its temperature, its storage, and more.

The application is dedicated towards making the whole process very and easy. Because of this, it has a tool called “Automatic” where the application can improve the performance of the PC with just a single click from the user. The first tool under this is Auto-clean which can be used to remove parts of the hard drive that are no longer used and are considered junk. This includes browser history, cache, and temporary files from your downloads. This also includes leftover files from uninstalled applications that were not completely removed from the computer. Users simply need to click the “On” button to enable this feature to always be open while the computer is running.

The next feature is the Live-tuner which acts as a system regulator. This automatically terminates applications that you have closed but refuses to completely shut down. After all, this can still take some space for the computer memory and make all processes very slow.

Last is the Game-booster which we really liked. This ensures that only the games that you are running currently will be given maximum resources by the computer by closing other ones. This will also ensure that after playing the game, the apps will be opened again in case you need it again. Through this, lags and crashes due to low computer memory will be avoided.

The application displays a history of the different actions that it has done which is very important for transparency of what it does to your computer. It also displays the current number of times it has cleaned, the process it has adjusted, game boosters, deleted files, and more.


The different performance boosting tools it uses for the PC can be seen under the “All Modules” tab of the application. Through this, you can manually select the action that you would want to be done for your PC.

First is to maintain system features. This mainly pertains to Windows system-related activities such as the registry, disk drive defragmentation, and removing junk files for free space. This is one of the most important ones for improving system stability and having an overall better performance as the operating system is one of the main effects that affect system performance.

Next is the Improve Performance features which does the following: optimize SSD drives, manage applications that are currently running, optimize boot processes, and more. This also includes optimization of internet connection for the best speeds possible.

Next is the Customize Windows features which includes customizing the privacy settings to ensure that third-parties will not get access to any of your personal files. Users can also access the Windows 10 privacy settings through this. Other tools include editing program shortcuts, modifying the current extensions in your browsers, and managing system settings.

Next, users choose the Analyze System features. This can be used to see how your computer performs currently. You can find the current information of the computer including its RAM, VRAM, and CPU usage. You can also see which applications are big resource hogs so that you can either delete or close them. You can also run a system benchmark, see the current status of the hard disk, and manage system fonts.

The File Tools includes deleting, recovering, and duplicating files. Last is the Administrative Tools such as managing restore points, reviewing computer power schemes, and software statistics.

With the abundance of these tools, users should not worry about learning to use every single one. After all, the application can do all of this with just a single click from the user. However, computer-savvy ones may want to use specific features if they want to have more control over their computer’s processes.


After running a thorough scan and using all the features of the application for performance boosting, we were very satisfied with the results. Games that used to have low frame rates and slow performance became faster. Browsing the computer was also fast. This was also kept constant as we used the application for continued weeks as we turned on the automatic boosting provided by the application.


The main measurement of quality for these applications is still in its result which Ashampoo WinOptimizer was able to excel in. Its features are all useful for improving system performance, user security, and more. It also comes with an excellent interface that users can instantly get familiar with. Mixing user convenience and high-performance boosting, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is definitely recommended.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the top choices for system boosting. It comes with a lot of features that can be automatically run by users every time they open the PC which makes system optimization easy and constant. Its various features target security, Windows files, and more which helps in a lot of performance boosting. With it being under a very minimal and simple interface, all users will immediately be comfortable with using it.


  •       Has a good interface
  •       Comes with a lot of performance-boosting features
  •       Can make the whole process automatic


  •       None