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Best pricing for Reimage Plus

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Reimage Ltd offers a unique PC software optimizer coming with a lot of features that will cut down your costs and save you a lot of time. If your PC is running in the slow mode, memory is full of unwanted apps and browsing data, and malicious files damaged your hardware and software, Reimage Repair will detect the errors and remove them improving the overall PC condition. From their 25 million databases with clean and healthy files, the software will find the appropriate replacement to cure the missing or damaged paths in your PC.

Reimage Plus is compatible with Windows, macOS and Android users. Based on that, they have several membership options. The company offers affordable solutions for personal use and for companies and their clients. Given the fact that their Reimage Plus software optimizer is for Android users as well, this company is an all-in-one solution for all of your devices, from PC to mobile and tablets.

When it comes to the Windows operating system, they are offering three types of memberships: Home plan, Business plan, and Renewal plan.

The Home plan can be purchased for one or three different devices and unlimited use for one year. This home-based plan is for private use with security and privacy guarantee.

The Business plan is a more flexible one, also offering one year membership. The price can be negotiated after you fill out the form on their official website. Based on this information and other company details (number of clients, colleagues, desirable PC repairs) they will offer you the most affordable price for your business.

The Renewal plan can be purchased with one or three licenses and unlimited use for one year. The license key will be renewed after one year from the day of the purchase. You can renew the license manually or set to be renewed automatically after one year.

For macOS users, you can purchase the Reimage Mac plan. The offer is a little bit different because you can purchase three different types of license keys. The best value comes with purchasing one license for unlimited use and support for one year. The other two options are license key for one-time repair for one device or three licenses for unlimited time of use for one year.

Reimage Ltd is giving the free trial option for all their new users and a flexible 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, there is a quick and easy refund policy. If you want to close the deal, you need to contact their support and formally apply. The uninstallation process will revert your PC to its prior condition.

They are accepting Pay Pal and credits cards.

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