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Best system optimizer review

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 8, 2020

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When you’re not sure how to customize and boost your operating system, we are here to help you. You need to know that the market is full of misleading information which can waste your valuable time while researching for the best offer. We want to help you with this decision showing you the professional expertise of the best system optimizers on the market.

Advanced System Repair PRO

Settled in Newport, California this company is offering the highest possible performance with its software repair service. Powered by some of the greatest and well-known companies, such as IBM, Norton, McAfee and many more, they are offering a certified, licensed repair software. With three licenses in their offer, you can choose between price, number of devices and period of given support, but you can be sure that all of their licenses offer the same high premium features.

From virus protection and removal to disk defragmentation, which will free your storage space, Advanced System Repair PRO will offer you complete protection and optimization of both software and hardware. With this optimization software, you don’t have to purchase any additional anti-virus protection. This will definitely save your money and you will get 2 services in one – the complete system optimization and virus detection plus an anti-virus software that will remove any possible threats from your operating system. In addition, if found, the damaged files will be replaced with new, fresh files from their huge database.

Advanced System Optimizer

Developed by Systweak, secured by Norton and powered by Symantec, Advance System Optimizer offers an affordable and easy-to-use solution when it comes to system optimization. It is recommended for Windows OS users with a full security guarantee.

System security and privacy are completely guaranteed. The scan report will show you all the cached data collected during hours of browsing on the internet and you will get to choose what you want to remove. After software installation, you get to choose the type of scan you want to run: custom, deep or quick scan. The average time depends on the type of scan.

Besides basic features like disk defragmentation, registry cleaning, junk file cleaning, and virus protection, this software has to offer, you can also improve your memory card by freeing up RAM. This is included in Windows optimization and what points them out is their affection towards uninterrupted gaming experience by running games in a dedicated sandbox mode.

In addition, photography lovers will get a free Photoshop v2.1 version for high-quality images and a steady workflow with better graphics card performance.

Settings Backup is another great feature and it can be very practical. This feature will recover any accidentally deleted files, it will restore your documents and important data. We find this very helpful and another valuable option not offered by many system optimizers.

Advanced System Optimizer can be purchased for $59.95, but you can always check out their offer on their official website where you can find many discount options and save a considerable amount of money.