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Can Restoro hurt my computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

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System optimizers are abundant online. Although these come with multiple names and manufacturers, most come with the same features and promises of improving computer performance. Because of this, users need to find a perfect balance of functionality, safety, and price with these applications. After all, using these apps can do a lot for improving the speed of the computer, the stability of the software, and generally removing Windows errors, lags, and crashes. System optimizers are generally safe to use and can be an easy way for an amateur user to solve the different issues of their device.


What is Restoro?

Restoro is a system optimizer available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 which makes it compatible with many computers. The app was developed for mainly solving issues in the software and security but can also be used to scan issues of the hardware. The application houses many features in a single application that removes the need to download separate registry optimizers, DLL optimizers, and the likes. This application is trusted by many users because of its good performance, its reliable features, and its easy optimizing process. The application comes with both a free and a paid version.


Is Restoro safe?

Malware are files that can harm your computer once downloaded. These come in files that you download online either intentionally or not. These are usually hidden within pirated files and within applications which promise to speed up computer performance to make it easier to trick users into downloading these. Once it is in your computer, it can then cause it to become slower, create duplicates of itself, and generally cause your computer to act worse. Because of this, users should be extra wary about downloading applications like this on their PC.

Being a system optimizer, Restoro is naturally doubted by some. To test this, we did multiple tests on the application to ensure that it will be safe.

First, we used an antivirus and an antimalware application. Here, we scanned the application’s installer and even scanned it again once it was fully downloaded on the computer. Upon the finish of the scan, our application told us that the Restoro was fully safe to be used. It is not a rootkit, virus, bug, and other types of malware. It is exactly what it claims to be.

Next, we tested the memory usage of the computer. This is because there are applications which turn your computer into a bitcoin mining device. When this happens, your RAM will be used to run an application without your consent, making the computer very slow. When this happens, you will receive only a fraction of your original computer speed.

Upon testing, we found the application to take very minimal RAM and computer memory. Even when it fixed the different issues of the computer, we were free to open different applications alongside it without any effects on the speed of the PC. This proves that the application is safe to use.

Lastly, we tested out the uninstallation process of the application. Most of the time, malware applications will be very hard to uninstall from the computer. This is because it will try to corrupt your system and make it slower with every attempt.

The good news was that Restoro’s uninstallation was largely similar to most applications. It can be uninstalled through the File Manager of Windows. Upon uninstallation, all traces of the app will be deleted from the computer. This means that the application can be removed at any time which makes it very safe.

Restoro Features

Now that users are assured that the application is largely safe for the computer, it is good to know the different features of the app to see if it is recommended for you.

First, the application comes with a software optimizer. First, it will check for the current condition of the registry, DLL, and the files of Microsoft Windows. It will check if these files are corrupted. The application can then either fix these itself or replace these with files that come directly from its online database that contains millions of these files. These files are safe to use and can help in restoring the stability of the computer.

Next, the application can be used to scan the different malware and dangerous files in the computer. Aside from this, the computer can then fix the damage that the computer has done to your files which is an important step to ensure that the user can use their PC like normal after a virus attack.


Restoro is very safe for the computer. It is not a form of malware. It comes with a lot of features to improve system performance and stability.