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Does Restoro have a free trial ?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 9, 2021

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Every computer, no matter how advanced or expensive it is, will deteriorate over time. Some will happen because you push your PC too hard, some because of a vicious malware attack, while others are simply because of its age. This is something that will inevitably happen to every computer. It's only a matter of time. 

So is there anything that you can do to prevent that? Sure, lots of things. But the most important one is to take care of your PC properly. Make it a habit to do regular maintenance in order to always be aware of the current state of your computer. 

But since you are reading this article right now, chances are it's already too late and your computer needs urgent help right now. Well then, you need to install a powerful Windows system repair and optimization tool like Restoro right away. But before you click that purchase button, you might be wondering if it has a free trial program or not. Read on to find out more.

What is Restoro

As mentioned before, Restoro is one of the most powerful and popular Windows system repair and optimization tools. This is the kind of tool that you need to use whenever you encounter system error popups, lagging, blue screen of death, or even if you feel that your PC has become somewhat sluggish. 

What makes Restoro so great is the fact that it is so straightforward and easy to use. Not only that, Restoro is also filled with lots of crucial features that would save your PC and improve its overall performance at the same time. This is definitely one of the things that you should always have installed inside your PC. 

Restoro was developed and published by a giant tech company called Kape Technologies, PLC. This London-based cybersecurity company has developed multiple Windows-based tools and acquired numerous cybersecurity services, such as VPNs and password managers. But one of their flagship software is definitely Restoro. 

What Restoro can do

The main function of Restoro could be divided into three categories. The first one is the deep scan. When you start Restoro, it will initiate its deep scan process immediately. Restoro would look into every corner of your computer for anything that could possibly cause the errors on your PC and also any potential components that could be improved. 

The second feature is the advanced repair. Once Restoro finds what has actually caused the problem, It will immediately replace the broken system files with the identical ones from their massive database. With this method, Restoro not only repairs your system, but it actually restores your PC to its fresh state.

Last but not least is the optimization process. Based on the information gathered during the scanning phase, Restoro will begin optimizing every component on your system so that you will be able to run your PC with the most optimal configuration.

Does Restoro have a free trial

No, unfortunately Restoro does not offer any free trial program whatsoever. What it does have, however, is a 60-days money back policy. So if you ever feel like Restoro is not a good fit with what you are trying to achieve, you can simply ask for your money back. 

Not only that, you could actually use Restoro even before you pay anything for their services. That being said, what the tool could do in such a situation is limited only to its deep scan feature. 

While Restoro won't be able to fix any errors and improve the performance of your PC in this state, what it could give you is a clear and concise look into what is truly wrong with your system. That in and of itself is actually already quite valuable information.

How much does a Restoro license cost

There are three different pricing plans that you could choose in order to use Restoro. The first one is a license for one-time use. The price of this plan is $29.95. The second plan is a license for unlimited use and support for one year worth of usage. The price for this particular plan is $39.95.

The third and last plan is quite similar to the second plan. You also get one year worth of use and support with this plan. The only difference is this license could be used on three different computers at the same time. The price for this plan is $59.95.


As one of the most powerful Windows system repair and optimization tools, Restoro is an essential part of every computer. As long as you have Restoro installed on your PC, you won't have to worry about any system errors. And although Restoro does not offer any free trial program, its affordable price and 60-day money back guarantee certainly offer the best bang for your buck.