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Easy guide to figuring out if you should replace or fix an old computer

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 23, 2021

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Many computers naturally lose their performance over time.  After all, computers don't last forever and have a lifespan of ten years at most. Even if you continuously upgrade and repair it, it will still reach a point where it is just best to simply purchase a new machine instead of wasting money on the machine. However, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. After all, parts can be replaced individually, software can be revived, and more. This article is a quick guide on whether you should still retain your current computer or simply purchase a new one.

Symptoms of a slow computer

Slow computers have a lot of issues that are similar with each other. First, these computers tend to have very slow loading times. This can be seen whenever starting up the computer, opening applications, and browsing through the computers’ files. These computers also can no longer open some apps, or if they can, run it very slowly to the point of being unusable. If your computer starts to suffer from these, you might want to take a quick assessment of your situation.

How should you check for the computer’s issue?

Before buying a new device altogether, you must first check the reason why it is being slower. The computer has a lot of parts that can each have specific issues. Knowing the root cause of the slow performance and fixing them can do wonders for your PC speed.

First, check If the problem is related to malware. This mainly pertains to the dangerous files that we are commonly warned about such as viruses, rootkits, and bitcoin miners. This can be checked by simply opening your Task Manager and seeing the activity that happens in the background processes. This can be opened by right-clicking the taskbar and clicking “Task Manager”. By checking the different resource usages of the computer, you can check which program is using a lot of system resources and is hoarding it. Through this, you can get an idea on which specific apps are unsafe for your computer. If it is open and using a lot of RAM or CPU without your permission, it is a good sign that it is a form of malware.

Next, it is also good to check up on the condition of your hardware. Simply launch System Information through the Search Bar of Windows. Here, you can see the current version of your motherboard, video card system, RAM, and more. You can then compare this to the minimum or recommended specifications of the apps that you will download. In case it is lower than this, it is a good sign that you need to upgrade these parts. This is a common problem for many PC users as a lot of application developers introduce more complex technologies that require more powerful machines to power.

Why you should invest in system optimizers

You can always consult for the problems of the computer by yourself. If you are not an expert on it, however, it may be hard to check the ins-and-outs. For this, we recommend you to download a system optimizer.

System optimizers are applications that can fix these issues with only some effort from the users. It is equipped with a lot of features such as registry optimizers, junk file cleaners, and the likes to solve these issues. These are smart tools that only target issues and do not damage any of your important files. When you download these apps, you can expect your computer to have its past performance again after only minutes of use.

What is the best choice for a system optimizer?

Our top rated system optimizer in all of our testing has consistently been  Restoro. It is an application made for Windows XP up to 10 and with minimum system specifications. It has one of the best application interfaces that guides users through the whole process of computer improvement. It has helpful icons, descriptions, and FAQs in the application that tells you about what it does for your PC.  Its features are large in scope and can help solve software and security issues. It respects your privacy and does not do anything without your permission. It is safe for the computer and can be uninstalled at any time.


Why Restoro?

Restoro has a lot of features available in its licensed version. First, it has a registry optimizer that can sort out the entries here and delete the ones that are unnecessary. It also has a Windows System fixer that fixes or replaces corrupted system files using genuine copies that come from online databases. The application can also scan and then delete harmful files such as viruses, rootkits, and Trojans from the computer. In case it has already been attacked by these, it can help the system recover back to normal. The application can do this with only a couple of clicks by the user.


Before buying a new computer, see if you can fix the issues by yourself first. You can try looking at background processes to be able to detect which apps are malware and are using your resources without permission. You can also detect the condition of your hardware and check if it is up to date with current applications. Lastly, you can simply use a system optimizer that simplifies the whole process and can do this within a couple of minutes. Our most recommended application is Restoro. It comes with a lot of features such as a registry optimizer, malware remover, and more.