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Hidden features of Advanced System Repair

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 7, 2021

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Advanced System Repair Pro has many awesome features to completely recover, upgrade and secure your PC. It is an all in one software that will accelerate your Windows and improve your overall experience even after years of using your PC. Even though the software is easy to use, it takes a couple of minutes to install it and a little bit more to do a deep scan; it also has several features that are not always visible. It can take you some time to explore all the advantages the software offers. The following features are very useful and maybe you haven’t notice them before.

Back up featureAdvanced System Repair Pro software optimizer can improve the speed of your PC by removing any remaining traces accumulated in your PC causing it to lose its performance and crash from time to time. These traces are cookies accumulated due to frequent research, leftovers from installed applications, old entries and broken settings, duplicated files and many more. The back up feature allows you to create a quarantine offering you the option to delete permanently or to restore the items you want to keep.

Advanced VPN feature – While you’re browsing, your private entries, such as passwords, credit cards, phone numbers, and current location are usually not protected. Everything you do on the internet can be viewed and used against you by some third party organizations, hackers and so on. When this situation occurs, you will receive a Security Alert warning you about the tracking cookies found on your PC. With the Advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature you can hide all your online activity because VPN protection gives you the freedom to a secure connection even in the situation when you have to use an unsecured public network.

Start up Manager feature – During every system reboot many different, applications, bigger or smaller, are automatically launched. Very often, when you download a program from the internet, it has this type of setting. Sometimes it’s not so easy to turn this off and oftentimes, you are not aware of all the applications with this type of setting. The most common problem with this setting is the slower reboot operation of the operating system. With Start up Manager you can choose which applications are launched when you start the computer. In the software wizard, you will see the window where you can select the items from the list if you want to enable or disable the automatic launching.

IE Extensions – The web browser can be updated with new add-ons to gain its full and better functionality. One of the most common extensions is AdBlocker, for example. In some cases, IE extensions can change their behavior and start acting like malware. The most likely outcome is a damaged software, loss of much valid information, illegal actions against your private accounts and folders. This feature is closely related to the security feature, one of the main features from Advanced System Repair Pro. These two features combined offer the full package of three important aspects: security, efficiency, and speed.