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How can Restoro make my computer faster?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 31, 2021

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The computer’s performance naturally decreases over time. This is because of a lot of reasons that occur even with normal usage. A common reason is uninstalling and installing apps too much. This is because this action causes the software’s parts to be rewritten over and over again. Some files become corrupted from this, causing slower performance, more lags and freezes, and generally system instability. Other causes of slow computer performance are viruses, outdated hardware parts, and more. Fixing all of these issues by yourself is hard which is why system optimizers are recommended for everyone.


What is Restoro?

Restoro is a system optimizer which means that it is designed to improve system performance with minimal user effort. It was made to fix PC issues while it runs in the background, with the user free to use other apps. The application is filled with a lot of features for this including registry optimizers, Windows files fixers, and malware removers. The application is suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and comes with minimal technical specifications which makes it usable for a lot of computers. The application comes with both a free and a paid version.


Is it safe for my computer?

A common concern for applications like this is its safety. After all, the app will be given access to scan your different files and software settings for it to work. Aside from this, many viruses and malware pretend to be computer optimizers but end up damaging the computer more. This is a common scam that users should be wary about before downloading any app that they see online.

The good news is that Restoro is very safe for your computer. It was able to pass the scan of antivirus and antimalware applications. The amount of RAM and memory that it takes from the computer while operating is also minimal which shows that it is not a bitcoin miner. Finally, the application can be easily uninstalled from the application in the same way as any other app. This proves that the application is safe for your computer.

How does Restoro work?

Restoro has a very simple process for fixing the computer. First, it scans the computer for its issues. Next, it matches these issues to its different features. Lastly, these features fixes issues, improving computer performance and making it faster than before.

Scanning process

The scanning process will only take a couple of minutes to finish but can take longer if there are a lot of issues that the computer is facing. The scanning process checks through the different parts of the software, security, and the hardware to provide holistic scanning. Here, it will look for corrupted entries and those that may be causing the computer to be slow. Users do not need to worry about the application scanning any of their private information as it respects your privacy and does not take any of your data without your consent. This is explicitly stated in their user agreement.

Matching the issues with its features

The application will then compile the status of the different parts of the software. This will be matched with the specific feature which can be used to fix it. The application contains a lot of features in a single application. This includes the following:

·        DLL Fixer – The DLL is the Dynamic Link Library which contains different files that are used by multiple applications of your computer. Because of this, its entries are very important. However, they can become corrupted in case you uninstall a lot of applications from the computer which is inevitable for some users. To fix, the application will either fix or replace the entries of DLL to ensure the stability of the installed applications in your computer.

·        Windows files fixer – The files of Microsoft Windows are very important for ensuring system stability. This is because it is responsible for controlling all apps and for the startup of the application. It also suffers from corrupted files even with normal usage. For this, the application can be used to either fix or replace these corrupted files. It does this by downloading directly from its online database which contains millions of these files. These are genuine and are safe for the computer.

·        Malware remover – The application can be used to scan and remove malware away from your computer. It can also be used to fix the damage that has been inflicted to your computer after a virus attack. This extra step puts it apart from its competitors and gives it an edge. After all, users may still have a couple of errors in the computer even if the harmful files are completely deleted from the hard drive.

·        Hardware scanner – The application can be used to check the condition of the hardware. This will show you the temperature of the parts, its remaining memory, and more. This shows if you need to replace the different hardware parts for better performance. However, the application itself cannot fix these issues as it is mainly limited for software and security issues.

After fixing the issues of the computer, users are recommended to regularly use the application. This is because issues can form even with regular usage. If this is done, users can expect better system stability, better performance, and generally less crashes and bugs.



In the end, Restoro can be used to improve the performance of the computer with the use of its different features such as malware remover, hardware scanner, Windows files fixer, and DLL fixer. The application is safe to use and can also be easily uninstalled in case users want to. The application comes with both a free and a paid version which ensures that many can use the application. We foundthat Restoro is the best optimizer program that we have reviewed.