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How do I get license to get access to full features of Advanced System Repair Pro?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

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Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer-optimization tool which you can use for improving the performance of your application. They are based in Newport, California. You can download the application through its official website. It can be used to solve the software and security issues of your PC.

What can it do for my PC?

Advanced System Repair Pro has a lot of features including registry cleaners, hard disk defragmenter, and more to boost your PC’s speed. Instead of having to download these individually with specific apps, Advanced System Pro can do all of this with just one click. 

Advanced System Pro has two versions: a free one and a licensed one.

Free version

You can download the application for free through its website. Simply click the “Download” button on its homepage. It can be installed for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. After downloading, you can start installation and choose its path and answer the license agreement.

With the free version, you can do a full scan of your computer. The app can tell you the current state of your hardware, problems within your software, and security issues. This can give you an idea about how to lessen these and help you fix these if you can.

However, the free version can only be used for scanning. The application requires a license for it to fix the problems that it scans. It is still recommended to use the application even without license, though, as it can still tell you the current issues of your PC. 

Advanced System Repair can fix all the software issues of your PC and improve its speed. You only need to purchase a license through their website.

Here are the prices for their licenses which you can buy through their website:

  • You can have 1 PC license for the price of $29.99 (formerly at $74.99). This pricing is recurrent for every 3 months.

    • You can have 3 PC licenses for the price of $39.95 (formerly at $94.99). This pricing is recurrent for every 3 months.

    • You can avail for unlimited PC licenses for the price of $49.95. This pricing is recurrent for every 3 months.

TIP: You can buy a license key by clicking on the “Check Price” button at the bottom of the Advanced System Repair Pro review.

With a full license, you can use the following features for your PC:

Optimizing the Windows registry
Fix corrupt system files and replace them with healthy ones
Speedup the startup time of the PC
Free product support
Defragment the PC to store your files in the hard drive more efficiently
Delete system clutter and junk files in your hard drive
Fix vulnerability issues of the operating system
One-click scan and repair
Improve the speed of your PC
Less hanging and freezing of the computer
Gain more free disk space
Removal of malicious files and viruses
Removal of spyware
Gives you an overview of your hardware

Should I purchase a license key?

Advanced System Repair Pro is recommended for those whose computers are suffering from slow performance. With the licensed version of the application, you can scan for all issues and fix all of these with just one click. 

Here are specific issues which you can fix by purchasing a license for Advanced System Repair:

  • Slow loading times – These are usually attributed to having too much background applications running. You can fix this by using the background app optimization feature of Advanced System Repair which you can use to pick out only the apps you will be using. This allows you to open more applications and to have faster load times.

  • Windows Errors – These are a result of having corrupted entries within your operating system. This is a natural result of being used over time. You can use Advanced System Repair to download healthy and genuine files from their database to replace these.

    • Security issues – The app can look at the current issues of your computer in terms of security and privacy. It can also clear out the cookies currently in your browsers to prevent websites from being able to track you.

  • Anti-malware and viruses – With the app, you can scan and delete for any signs of malware and viruses in your PC. This is because these can infect your files and spread to your other files. It can also steal your RAM or internet connection to mine data for third-parties.
Final thoughts

Advanced System Repair also boasts positive customer feedback on their website. Based on lab results, their application is capable of improving the startup speed of computers by about 70%. They can also clean up to 65GB of files in the computer on average. Lastly, about 22,000 of privacy traces were cleaned from customer’s computers.