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How do you run a scan and repair with Reimage Plus?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated December 22, 2020

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The common signs of a computer software that is starting to deteriorate are frequent crashing and freezing. In case you find yourself stuck with error notifications and slow loading times, you may want to start consulting your PC for any damages.

Reimage Plus is an application that you can use to improve your computer’s performance. It is built to be able to detect all of the software issues in your PC and to repair each of these. Built with maximum user convenience in mind, it is easy to use and has intuitive controls.

How to use Reimage Plus

  1. First, download Reimage Plus through its website. Select a file location in your computer and then install it.

  2. The next step is to start a full scan of the computer. Reimage Plus scans three different categories of your PC: Security, Hardware, and Stability. The following are the different issues in relation to these three that you can see:
  • Security – All the damages caused by the different types of malware such as trojans, viruses, root kits, and worms are scanned and fixed by the application. Because this malicious software corrupts some of your data, fixing the damage can improve the PC’s performance. It is good to pair this with an antivirus application that can defend you from future virus attacks.
  • Hardware – Reimage Plus can also be used to see all of the problems in relation to your hardware. Although it doesn’t fix these, it may give you a better idea as to how it can affect your computer’s performance. It can scan the computer’s memory (having a low memory can cause slower performance), hard disk speed, and CPU temperature and power. This can also tell you if your hardware needs to be upgraded to keep up with the demands of newer applications.

  • System Stability – The stability of the computer depends by how often applications crash. This is because it is bound to happen if your data are corrupted or damaged. The specific apps that have a problem will be reported to you.

After the initial scan, you will be given a summary about these three different aspects of the computer. From here, you can choose to review each one.

Reimage Plus can then be used to fix all of these issues once your license key is activated. The license can be bought through their website. They offer plans for 1-license plans and 3-license plans, each of them usable for one year.

The first step that Reimage Plus will do is to deactivate and quarantine all of the malware that is found within your PC. The extent of its damage to your DLLs, System Files, and Registry will be reviewed. Key components of the software will then be replaced with working files to maintain your PC’s health.

The essential components that will be replaced by the application will come from a database containing more than 25,000,000 files. Each of these is used to improve the computer’s stability and are essential for maintaining it for long-term use.