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How much do you have to pay for Restoro?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated August 19, 2022

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Restoro is one of the best system optimizing apps you can get for your Windows device. It works on any Windows version from XP and up, including Windows 10. The software was only launched in 2018, but it’s still managed to become very popular in a very short while.

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1.  Downlad & Run Restoro system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2.  Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3.  Click "Fix All" and that's it!

How much does Restoro cost?

Restoro offers a licensing system and it lets you choose between three options. If you just need the software for a one-time use, you can purchase their one-time repair license, which is priced at $27.95. This license can be used on a single computer.

If you plan on using the software on a regular basis (which is what we recommend, if you want your PC to always work at its full potential), you can buy a license for a single PC, for an entire year or for 3 PCs, also for an entire year. The 1PC license for one-year is priced at $41.95. The 3 PCs license for one year is $58.95.

Both of them give you unlimited use of the app for the entire year.

All the licenses offered by Restoro come with a 60-day money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the results you get with Restoro and you want to apply for a refund.

You can pay for your Restoro license with credit card or via PayPal.

If you are not sure that you want to spend your money on Restoro, you can test the software before you purchase a license. You can download the software and install it for free on your PC. The free version is not only useful to get familiar with the interface, but it also allows you to run free scans of your device, to identify all the issues of your PC.

What are the benefits of using Restoro on your PC?

The main benefit of Restoro is that it comes as an easier and quicker alternative to reinstalling Windows to fix your PC issues and improve its performance. The sluggishness of your computer is somewhat natural and it comes with time. Errors, freezes, crashes and a slow overall performance are mostly the symptoms of a cluttered system that needs a bit of cleaning and reorganizing. They can also be signs of an infection in your system, which can be a virus, Trojan, root kit, worm and so on.

When you reach this point with your computer, sometimes the only solution is to reinstall the operating system. That is if you don’t have Restoro. This app can obtain the same results as a Windows reinstallation, but quicker and without all the headache. It is a much more user-friendly solution and the entire repair and optimizing process can be done with only a few mouse clicks.

Restoro has a lot of useful features that help you restore your PC to its peak performance and make it faster and more stable.

The first step to take when starting to use Restoro is to run a complete scan, which takes around 5 minutes and it is very helpful for identifying all the hardware, stability and security issues in your computer: a low memory or hard drive, programs that cause your PC to crash, malware that might have infiltrated in your PC, such as viruses, spyware, worms, etc.

Restoro can repair the Windows errors that cause your computer to crash or freeze or display those annoying BSODs.

It can also free disk space on your PC, by deleting all the junk data and files that are no longer necessary.

It can repair damaged DLLs and it repairs the damage caused by viruses and other types of malware.

Restoro has a huge online database that contains more than 25 million Microsoft files. These files are up to date, healthy and authentic and Restoro uses them to replace all the infected or missing Windows files in your computer. 

We think that the price that Restoro costs , compared to the value of things it can fix, is really hard to beat. So if you are tired of a slow computer just try it out. It is free to download and see what it can fix on your pc , so there is really no risk at all. Give it a try and click on the button to start the download:

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