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How to get the best out of Advanced System Repair 2020?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 19, 2020

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If you are looking for a reliable and effective system repair and optimizing app, you’re most likely going to see the name Advanced System Repair pop-up a lot on your screen. This is one of the most popular system optimizers for Windows PCs. It has several important certifications and was developed by a trust-worthy company that is headquartered in California.

Advanced System Repair is compatible with all the Windows versions from Windows XP and up, including Windows 10.

If you are not sure that you want to purchase this software, there is the possibility to test it for free. Advanced System Repair can be downloaded from the official website and installed for free. It can be used to run various types of scans of your device and to get familiarized with the interface of the app.

If you want to unlock the other features of the app as well, you do have to purchase a license and upgrade to the Advanced System Repair Pro version.

How much does Advanced System Repair Pro cost?

The price of Advanced System Repair Pro varies depending on what type of license you opt for. All types are available for 3 months, but there are 3 options to choose from:

  • A license for 1 PC, which is priced at $29.95
  • A license for 3 PCs, which is priced at $39.95
  • A license for unlimited PCs, which is priced at $49.95

Your purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, regardless of the type of license you choose.

How to use Advanced System Repair and get the best out of the app?

If you want to upgrade from the free, limited version to Advanced System Repair Pro, you have to choose one of the three types of licenses described above. Once you do and pay for it, you will receive your license key number by email. Then, you open Advanced System Repair, you click on Menu and then on the left bottom, on License. You paste the license key there and Advanced System Repair Pro will be activated.

The next step is to run all the necessary scans to see what kind of condition your computer is in. There are several types of scans available: system junk/clutter scan, privacy scan, malware scan, disk defragment scan, registry scan, security holes scan.

The scan report will include all the issues found in your PC, which are related to the aspects mentioned above.

The last step is to start the repair process and to restore your PC to its peak performance. There are several things that Advanced System Repair Pro can do for you.

You will speed up the startup process of your PC, by limiting the number of apps that are allowed to run with Windows.

You can also get rid of all the malware threats in your PC, from viruses to spyware and so on. The infected files will be replaced with newer, clean ones.

Your privacy will also be enhanced by Advanced System Repair Pro. The app will delete all the web surfing traces, potential confidential and sensitive information.

You can also free up a lot of space on your drive by deleting junk data and decluttering your PC. Advanced System Repair Pro will remove user and system temporary files, log files, thumbnails cache, backup copies and other unnecessary data.

Other useful features included with Advanced System Repair Pro are: the registry optimizing feature, the driver updating feature, the disk defragmenting feature.