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How to install Restoro

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 19, 2022

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Nowadays, having a system optimizer is important to ensure that your PC will always be at optimal speed. These target weaknesses within the software, hardware, and security and fixes them with just a couple of clicks from the user. It is recommended to users who do not have much knowledge about fixing the PC.


Restoro is a popular PC optimizer known for its innovative features and its simplistic interface. Users can instantly learn how to use the application upon installation given its intuitive controls.

A guide to installing restoro

Installing Restoro is an easy process. First, users must visit their website at An installer will then be available for you to open. 

From here, you can select a language for the installation. An option for you to prevent the application from instantly scanning your PC can also be selected.

Restoro considers you agreeing to their privacy agreement once you click the install button. In case you are okay with this, you may now proceed to the installation process.

The installer will take about a minute and a half to finish. If you want instant results, you can opt for an instant scan upon finishing the installation.

How to use restoro

Once the application is installed, you can start a full scan of your computer. The application will scan the computer’s issues and look for reasons for a slower performance.

This will then be summarized into one comprehensive report. The details given by the app are complete and easy to comprehend even for those without much knowledge about computers.

Some of the information displayed include the PC’s hardware details (CPU, mainboard, hard drive disk speed), PC stability, and PC security.

Fixing the computer

Once the application is fully installed and has already completed a scan, it can now be used to fix the computer’s issue. Users may notice, however, that this part is limited only for those who have purchased a license. 

Price of licenses

The licenses can be bought online for different prices depending on the number of licenses and duration of use:

  • 1 license that can be used for a single repair is priced at $29.95
  • 1 license that can be used unlimitedly for one year is priced at $39.95
  • 3 licenses that can be used unlimitedly for one year is priced at $59.95

Once the application is licensed, users can fix their PC’s issues with just a couple of clicks. Some of the features of the application include the following:

  • Removal of viruses and spyware in the computer
  • Repair damage caused by viruses in your computer
  • Replace Window system files with genuine ones directly from Restoro’s online database
  • Improve system stability

In case users will not purchase a license, they will still be able to do a full scan of their computer’s defects. This makes the application still a worthwhile download. Overall when we reviewed all the different system optimizers we found that the review of Restoro was the highest out of the bunch. This was based on many things such as impact on system speed when running, pricing, customer support, and many other things; and overall we found that Restoro was the best by a long shot.