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IObit Advanced System Care Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 10, 2021

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System optimizers are applications built for improving the performance of the computer. These are applications that simplify the process of checking for all the issues of the computer, using features to fix each of these, and making sure that the computer is always at peak performance. These may come in different brand names and the specific features that they all offer. However, these are all targeted towards fixing the computer and improving its speed. It is very recommendable for users who are not that knowledgeable with fixing the computer’s issues.

IObit Advanced System Care

IObit is a company founded in 2004. They produce products that are aimed towards improving the performance of the computer. This includes creating system optimizers, antiviruses, and driver updaters. The company is well-known because of their high quality of service, garnering 100 awards. They also have about 250 million downloads for their applications which shows great trust for their products. Their applications include up to 40 languages to accommodate users from all around the world.

IObit Advanced System Care is their system optimizer application available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 , and 10. The application was built to simplify the process of making computer processes faster and more stable. It uses different features to do this, ranging from junk cleaners, securing system data, and more. The software currently has a rating of 4.5 stars.

Are they trustworthy?

Some users simply avoid system optimizing applications or anything similar. This is because of the rampant advertising practices that most of these applications do online which can be annoying for some. This includes frequent pop-ups and abundant banner displays. Aside from this, some users may want to avoid the possibility of accidentally downloading viruses or malware inside their computer which can make it slower than ever.

IObit is a safe application that can improve system stability and make its processes faster. The application stays true to its promise of optimizing the PC with its various effective features which can remove bugs and lags. It does not scam its users with its pricing plans for its Pro version as well.


Advanced SystemCare employs a lot of features to improve the performance of the computer. This varies in terms of the specific parts of the computer that it fixes.

First is the startup optimizer. This feature looks for the applications of the computer that are programmed to open alongside it. Having too much of these can cause very slow startups because of the need to allocate resources to multiple applications at once. This feature allows the user to lessen these applications and choose only those that they would need.

Once this has finished the application can also fix the registry of the computer. First, it optimizes its entries and arranges it to fix corrupted ones. Next, it defrags the spaces formed within the registry to make its loading times better. This is important as the registry is responsible for keeping important information about the applications installed in the computer.

Next, the application can do a privacy sweep. This scans for all the cookies stored in the different browsers and then deletes them. Although these files can be used for websites to remember user’s preferences, it is important to clean these occasionally as to prevent yourself from being traced and for freeing up space.

After this sweep has been completed the application ensures that the computer is secure from any spyware that may have been downloaded accidentally by scanning and deleting them from the computer. This prevents the user from being tracked by third parties and advertisers who may want to create more personalized ads for the user depending on the websites they visit.

The application also has a security reinforcement tool which looks for vulnerable parts of the computer and helps fix these using genuine Windows files. This goes hand in hand with the vulnerability fix feature.

The Junk File Cleaner feature can help the user remove leftover files by uninstalled applications and those that have long been unused. After all, when not deleted, this can take a huge chunk of the data of the computer and slow down its processes. This feature scans and deletes these files.

The internet boost feature diagnoses issues within the internet and fixes them to improve PC performance. Next, the shortcut fix issue looks for faulty shortcuts that do not redirect to the main application of the user. There can also be remaining shortcuts from uninstalled applications that were not deleted yet.

Lastly, the application does a full system and disk optimization. This tool looks for all the issues that are currently causing system instability and fixes them. After all the features of the application are used, the user can expect better system speeds and less lags and crashes. 

The application also has a Pro version which adds more features for users to use. The application has a built-in product activation tool which users can use to insert their Pro license. 

Quick settings

The application has automatic settings which lets users control which the application should do upon startup. This includes full detection of threats, anti-tracking, auto RAM clean, automatic registry deep clean, secure file detection, autocare, performance monitor, and autoclean. This lets users allow the application to maintain the computer without having to open it manually.


The application has a helpful interface which displays important computer information such as the usage of network, CPU, and RAM. This lets users know if these parts are at full capacity. By closing down certain applications, users can expect better speeds and better system stability. 

The interface can also be customized to either use a Classic or a White skin or with an image depending on the user’s choice. They can also control the transparency of the interface along with its font sizes. This is a helpful tool that personalizes the whole user experience which is important as a system optimizer will be regularly used by the user. 

Customer Support

IObit has 24/7 available customer service that can be accessed via their website. This lets users ask their specific inquiries. Aside from this, users can also read the online manual of their different applications to get more information about their products.