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Is Advanced System Repair a good product? An analysis of its features, tools, and pricing

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated May 29, 2020

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Computer optimizers are applications that you can use to improve the performance of your PC. They do this by scanning out different problems within the software, security, and hardware. Depending on the app, you can experience a faster PC performance comparable to a brand-new usage.

Advanced System Repair

Advanced System Repair is one of the most well-known computer optimizing applications and specializes in fixing the software and security issues of the PC. It is equipped with a lot of features that target different important parts of the computer such as the registry, the hard drive, browser cookies, and more.

Ease of use

One of the highlights of Advanced System Repair is its ease of use. Upon installation, you can instantly do a full scan of your computer’s problems. It will be summarized in one complete and comprehensive report to inform you about how your usage affects your PC’s performance.

Once licensed, the application can fix the issues that it has scanned with just a couple of clicks from the user.

It also uses a minimalist user interface which instantly displays all of your features upon opening.


Advanced System Repair has a lot of certifications given by different companies that prove the product’s quality. This includes certification from AppEsteem, West Coast labs, and a membership from These are given to applications that have healthy relationships with their customers and those that prioritize product quality. This also lets users know that the application is genuine and is not malware.

Highlight features

Advanced System Repair has a lot of features to improve your PC’s speed. The following are the highlight features of the app:

  • Malware removal – Malware and viruses can be accidentally downloaded on your PC whenever you visit unsafe websites and download pirated files. Without knowing, it may infect other files and corrupt or delete them. Even worse, it may also take private information from your computer. The app can be used to scan these from your data and delete them to prevent further damage to your computer. Instead of having to buy an application dedicated for malware and viruses, the app has this as a feature along with many others which make it a good buy.
  • Privacy Scanner – The app can look at the current cookies that are stored in your different browsers. These are used by websites to recognize your activity and remember your specific settings whenever using their services. However, this can also be used to track your activities online which makes it a healthy practice to regularly clean cookies from your PC.
  • Outdated drivers updater – The drivers of the PC are responsible for connecting external hardware to the software. Without it, you may experience issues with your mouse, keyboard, and more. Advanced System Repair can be used to download these directly from their manufacturers.
  • Disk Defragmenter – The hard disk contains all the files of the computer. Over time, gaps may form in between files because of too much installing and uninstalling. With this feature, you can remove these gaps to make the storage of files to be more efficient. This can result to faster loading and processing times.
  • Registry Cleaner – It can also look for corrupted entries within your registry and fix them for you to have faster loading times.

With these features, you can easily make the computer faster. What makes the app more recommendable is the ease of doing this by simply clicking a couple of buttons. Even those without much knowledge about computers will be able to use the product.

Customer Support

In order to support most customers regardless of their computer knowledge, Advanced System Repair has a good customer support system.

On their website, you can see that they offer an FAQ that has answers for questions on topics like billing, license activation, and more. This is available to be viewed 24/7.