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Is Advanced System Repair a Scam or is it a good program for 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 8, 2021

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No matter what you do, your PC will run into problems. That is simply an inevitable truth. It may be lagging, it may be freezing, it may even present you with the legendary Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).  

Once any of those things happen, you know you have to do something so that your PC can get back to its full potential again. One of the most beginner-friendly ways to accomplish that is by using a PC repair program.  We have reviewed many different system optimizers and felt that Advanced System Repair Pro was one, if not, the best prodcut to provide your system with a good cleaning and optimization. 

Advance Repair Pro is one of the most popular PC repair programs in the world and you'll find out through this article whether or not this particular program is the right fit for you. 

About Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is a system repair and optimization program for PCs. Other than the current version of Windows 10, Advanced System Repair Pro is also available for older Windows OS from Windows XP to the last iteration of Windows 8. 

Advanced System Repair, Inc. was founded in 2017 in Newport Beach, California. As a newcomer in the industry, Advance System Repair focused their attention on creating the best product possible so that they could have a chance to compete with other bigger companies. 

All of those hard work and dedication finally grant them the recognition that only a few other companies in the industry have received. Unlike other PC repair programs, Advance System Repair is a certified Microsoft partner. They also have a long-term partnership with Intel, earned a certification from AppEsteem, and became a member of  

All of these accolades are proof of how the industry at large has acknowledged the credibility of Advanced System Repair Pro. 

Features of Advanced System Repair Pro
  • Deep scans. When you open Advanced System Repair Pro (ASRP) for the first time, you will be prompted to initialize its deep scan. Numerous things would be scanned by ASRP, from the system files to look for any errors, to searching for any security loopholes, to even checking the condition of your hardware. How long this process lasts will highly depend on the current condition of your computer, but on average it only takes around five minutes.
  • Fixing corrupted system files and errors. One of the very first things that ASRP would fix is the damaged and corrupted system files and DLLs that would often cause errors and problems to your PC. This is the most crucial process in this stage so make sure to keep it away from any outside interference to prevent further damage to your system. 

  • Registry cleaner. From malware attacks to incomplete program removal, multiple things could clutter your registry. ASRP would clean it up and optimize it so that your registry wouldn't cause any problem to your computer. 
  • Junk cleaner. Incomplete program removal not only could clutter your registry, but also create junk files that would slowly fill up your storage. ASRP would find any files and folders that have proven to be junk files and immediately remove them. This process not only would make your system run smoother, but also would free up quite a sizable space in your storage. 
  • System tweak and optimizer. Other than all kinds of repairs that it would perform to your computer, ASRP would also tweak and optimize every component on your system so that it would be in the best possible configuration. And with that, you'll be able to see your computer work at its peak performance. 

  • Maintain peak performance. If you regularly use ASRP, you would create an environment where your system would be continuously checked, tweaked, and optimized. This process would make it possible for your computer not only to achieve its peak performance but also to maintain it on a day to day basis. 

  • Patching security loopholes. Many things could compromise your security. From malware attacks to you simply forgot to download a critical windows security update. All of those things could not only harm your computer but also could threaten your privacy and security. ASRP would look into any security loopholes and patch it accordingly. 
  • Malware removal. Your computer might be infected by malware without you even realizing it. It could be from that software that you just installed, or from that website that you just visit, or maybe from that flash drive that you just plug into your PC and many other possible scenarios. ASRP has built-in malware removal functions that would put any malware that it found during its deep scan into a quarantine.  
Benefits of using Advanced System Repair Pro
  • Ease-of-use. Advanced System Repair Pro is a very lightweight and straightforward piece of software. All of its functions and design aesthetic are created in such a way so that every user could immediately use it without having to go through a laborious tutorial. What's more, its sleek and modern user interface with several selections of great looking themes, makes it also pleasant to look at.  

  • Excellent support. You may encounter problems when using the Advanced System Repair Pro, whether it's about the activation key, or about any of its functions, or maybe about the installation process itself, and any other issues that may arise when you use ASRP. You could go to their official website and look through their extensive FAQ section. If you couldn't find the solution there, you could always contact their customer support team and they will help solve your problem as soon as possible. You could call them, send them some emails, and even use the support ticket on their official website.  
The downside of Advance System Repair Pro

The one aspect where Advance System Repair Pro is really lacking is its pricing plans. They have three plans that differ only in the number of computers and their licenses. When I write this article, a license for repair and support for one computer is about $29.97. The cost of five computers is $39.97 and for ten computers is $49.97.  

Normally, that price is for a one-year worth of subscription. That is how Advance System Repair Pro's competition like Reimage Repair and Restoro Repair priced their products. But ASRP uses a different approach and that's where the problem begins for me. 

The three prices for their license is only for a three-month worth of subscription. That means, if you purchase the license for one computer, you would have to pay as much as $119.88 per year. And that is their cheapest plan at a discounted price. Its regular price would easily cost you around $300 per year.  

So although it might not be the best licensing pricing, we don't think that this makes the product worthy of a scam title. It provides value and does what it says it will do.


A computer will eventually begin to lag, freeze, or even experience system errors. It's not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when". Those terrible things would inevitably happen to your computer someday.  

Powerful yet lightweight software like Advanced System Repair Pro is essential in preparing for such a thing. Its repair functions could mean breathing a new life to your system and its optimization capability could prolong the lifespan of your computer.  

Unfortunately, such premium features also have premium price tags. As much as I like Advance System Repair Pro and its amazing features, its price is a little high. But, if you compare this price to the cost of taking your system into a shop to get fixed it might actually be cheaper so it is really up to you to decide if the price tag is worth the licensing cost.