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Is Advanced System Repair a scam or is it a legitimate product for your PC?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 7, 2021

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Advanced System Repair is an all-in-one computer optimization product. It has a registry optimizer, files defragmenter, and even an antivirus and antimalware feature. Because it can do so many things at once, many people doubt its legitimacy.

Is Advanced System Repair a scam?

Advanced System Repair is not a scam. It is a legitimate product that you can use to improve the performance of your PC. It simply solves the different problems in relation to your hardware, software, and security. This is because each of these is vital to your computer’s performance.


Advanced System Repair has the following certifications that prove its legitimacy as a product:
• AppEsteem Certification – This is given by former cybersecurity executives of Microsoft. This is given to companies that does not practice malicious and fraudulent executives. Advanced System Software is guaranteed to be safe and secure for your computer.
• WestCoast Labs Certification – Advanced System Repair has passed through several requirements and has been given a certification by WestCoast labs to prove their validity as a product.
• membership – They are also a member of which prioritizes industry and consumer privacy compliance.

What are its features?

Advanced System Repair has a lot of features that you can use to improve the speed of your PC. These include the following:

  • Antivirus and antimalware – Viruses and malware are harmful for both your computer’s files as well as its performance. It corrupts the files that it can infect and make them unable to be used. It can also take some of your computer’s memory. This is why it is important to detect them and delete.

    • Junk and System Clutter – The application can detect all of the junk files that are remnants of uninstalled applications. This is because these files can take a huge part of the hard drive collectively. The app can delete all of this to free up space in your hard drive.

    • System Startup Optimizer – You may have a slower startup in case a lot of applications are opening alongside the PC. The solution for this is to disable those that are automatically programmed to do this unless they are vital for you. Advanced System Repair lists out all of these applications and lets you choose which one should automatically open. The amount of memory and their level of risk is also displayed.

    • Registry Cleaner – Over time, the registry of the PC (which stores all of its data) can be corrupted. Advanced System Repair can scan for these entries and specify their errors. You can then allow it to repair these to improve the computer’s performance.

    • Scan for security holes – The app can be used to look at the current vulnerable parts of your security. It can then look for direct replacements for this that comes from Windows itself. These files are guaranteed genuine and healthy for your PC.

    • Update outdated drivers – The drivers of the computer ensure that some hardware such as video cards, printers, and keyboards can function properly. Its manufacturers frequently update this for the computer to fix issues with it. With Advanced System Repair, you can choose to update all the outdated drivers in your PC.

    • Disk defragmenter – The hard drive of the PC contains all the data of your applications. Over time, the entries inside it may be defragmented due to too much uninstallations. Gaps in between files may be made. This can cause slower loading times. Advanced System Repair can fix this by arranging your files more efficiently for better loading times.


Advanced System Repair Pro can do a free scan of your PC upon installation. This informs you about the different problems that the software is currently experiencing. You can choose to fix these manually if you are knowledgeable enough to do so.

However, if you prefer to let the app fix them, you can instead buy a license.
The following are the prices for their licenses:

• A single PC license is priced at $74.99 but discounted to $29.95. It is recurrent every 3 months.
• 3 PC licenses is priced at $94.99 but discounted to $39.95. It is recurrent every 3 months.
• You can also have unlimited PC licenses priced at $124.99 but discounted to $49.95. It is recurrent every 3 months.