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Is Advanced System Repair a scam?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated January 4, 2021

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Advanced System Repair Pro is a reliable and safe software optimizer with comprehensive features that will help you speed up your PC by removing unnecessary files, threats, and damage caused by viruses. The software is very easy to use: the installation lasts only a couple of minutes and after that, every user is introduced with the User agreement. At the same time, the wizard is allowing every user to manually choose updates. This way the user has complete control over the software.

The company is offering to all its users a free PC scan and limited manual repair of the found issues. This option is available if you click on the Menu/Settings screen where you can find all the instructions step by step. The free PC scan will help you get familiar with the software and wizard and to see the overall condition and performance of your PC. If you would like to have unlimited access to all its features, you will have to purchase a license key.

Some of the main features that will improve PC performance are related to PC stability and security. Once the data is gathered, the software will recommend you to remove all the junk files, invalid entries, malware threats, and other found issues that are slowing or damaging your PC. Within the same repair, the software will run disk defragmentation for faster access to all programs on a hard drive.

Advanced System Repair is not a scam and , among other features, offers two features that will guarantee that your PC is safe during the repair process.

The first is the alternative to utilize the Quarantine choice in the application's settings area. This alternative permits you to physically expel all the potential dangers the scan report found on your PC. You will see the information that will include the date and time, all the info about the danger and damage, and the name of the document which is at serious risk. You can manually choose files you would like to be automatically removed. Also, you can fix the found issues and return the erased records from hard drive with a backup option. This way you will protect many valuable data and prevent permanent removal.

The second feature is to utilize System Restore option under the System Tools program folder in the Windows operating system. System Restore option will isolate and reestablish all the most significant documents and settings. It is generally automatically checked, however you can likewise set the ideal time run for keeping the documents restored. The System Restore saves these records for half a month and from that point onward, they are erased to give free extra space on hard drive and partitions. In case you have Windows XP you have to realize that System Restore will back up the greater part of the documents with the extension like.dll and .exe. With Windows Vista, a wide range of documents and modules can be restored.

These options are highly recommended every once in a while because it will protect you from losing important data in case of a system crash. System File Backup and Restore feature is easy to find under the Settings tab where you can check the option Create a restore point before repairing issues.


Advanced System Repair has an AppEsteem certification granted from Microsoft. This certification guarantees that one program has completed and certified methods of distribution, monetization, and advertising. The purpose of this certification is that the program can install only authorized components and no other components that are not related to its purpose. At the same time, it guarantees that the user must be able to delete, uninstall or disable the application. Unlimited and uninterrupted protection regarding security and safety must be obligated.  Privacy is also obligatory because the app must not collect personal information, such as bank details without encryption.

Advanced System Repair software also obtained a certification as non-malicious software powered by CheckMark Certified accreditation. Their Remediation Test evaluates software in many different situations like threat scenarios, malware detection, detection of invalid entries and software system performance overall.


Advanced System Repair is perfectly safe for every user and for every Windows operating system. It will help you utilize your PC, boost PC’s speed up, improve free space and remove threats and damage caused by malware. With the Backup/Restore function you can manually choose the restore point and documents to be saved and kept.

Trusted software is always certified from highly-ranked companies and you should always rely on that fact. Advanced System Repair has several certifications that confirm this software as legitimate and non-malicious.