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Is Advanced System Repair bad for your computer?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 8, 2020

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Advanced System Repair is an all-around PC optimization tool. It can be used for computers suffering from slow performance. It targets different parts of the computer such as its registry, hard drive, drivers and it returns your computer back to peak performance.

Is Advanced System Repair a scam?

The easy answer is that Advanced System Repair is not a scam. In fact, it is one of the most reliable applications on the system optimization application market.

To prove its validity, Advanced System Repair has earned certifications and memberships from cybersecurity executives and more. These include:

  • AppEsteem Certification – Advanced System Repair was awarded an AppEsteem Certification. This is managed by cybersecurity executives. This is certified to applications that offer maximum user security and for those that follow consumer safety regulations. It is also awarded to trustworthy software vendors.
  • WestCoast Labs Certified – WestCoast Labs check out applications to see its validity and to see if it can pass certain specifications and criteria. After checking, they have awarded Advanced System Repair a CheckMark certified award. This proves they are not a malicious company and offers legitimate products.
  • Membership – is a membership of trustworthy applications. Advanced System Repair is a Charter member which is considered the highest level of membership. This membership is given towards applications which was given guidance by industry leaders from Microsoft.
  • Patented technology – Advanced System Repair is one of the most innovative applications on the market. Because of this, they are patented in order to give clients quality repair services that apply the most efficient settings from data received all around the world.
  • ASR Certification Testing – Advanced System Repair’s features have been verified and checked. The following tests were conducted: real-time malware tests, windows error tests, continuous monthly malware testing, performance testing, and custom solutions testing.

Through their website, you can also see their partners. This includes IBM, WestCoast Labs, Checkmark, AppEsteem, CleanApps, Tolly, McAfee, Norton, and Intel. You can also see their lab results on their website.

Features of Advanced System Repair

  • 1-Click Interface – After installing Advanced System Repair, using its features is a breeze. Through few clicks, you can scan for the errors within your system and then fix them afterwards.
  • Junk Cleaner – Uninstalling an application doesn’t always result to a perfect deletion of files. Junk files are remnants of these. They can be deleted by Advanced System Repair.
  • Disk Defragmentation – Over time, your computer can be filled by unnecessary clutter which may make it slower to process commands. Through this feature, you can minimize the gaps in between your files and make your PC faster.
  • Registry Cleaner – The registry keeps track of all the applications in your computer. By having it cleaned, the PC can have a faster performance.
  • Malware Removal – Malware and viruses are notorious for slowing down your computer. Advanced System Repair can scan your PC for these. You can choose to either quarantine or delete them afterwards. This is important as aside from slowing down the performance of your PC, it can also lessen your privacy and corrupt some of your files.