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Is Advanced System Repair Pro a virus?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer repair application that can fix issues in your PC’s software. It is very accessible for all users and has a lot of features to increase your computer’s performance.

Although the program is not a virus, we cannot suggest this program as our number one pick going forward. We have now modified our rankings to reflect Restoro as our number one pick. 

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Is Advanced System Repair Pro a virus?

Advanced System Pro is not a virus. It is a perfectly safe computer-optimization app.

In basic terms, a virus is a software that replicates itself to stick unto the different files of your PC. It can even corrupt, delete, or completely replace the files you have. In worst cases, it can completely lock your computer and make it unable to use anymore.

In contrast, Advanced System Repair Pro improves the speed of your PC. Using various tools such as hard disk defragmentation, registry cleaning, and more, it can make your PC return to peak performance. It even has an antivirus feature that can scan and delete viruses in your PC.

PC Performance Improvement

Advanced System Repair has dedicated an entire segment of their website to show how much it can improve the performance of your computer. It shows the test results for a variety of common Windows error issues (DLL errors, runtime errors), security issues (malware, privacy issues), and performance issues (startup time, gaming test). Almost all of the tests showed a significant improvement in the performance of the PCs where it was used.


Advanced System Repair has certifications given to them because of good product quality and healthy online product selling practices. The following are their certifications:
• AppEsteem Certification – This certification is founded and led by former executives of Microsoft and is given to companies which that promotes healthy customer relationship. This certification is given to genuine software vendors and anti-malware companies.

  • Checkmark Certification – The application was given a certification by Checkmark after passing certain testing requirements and procedures. They are given a Verified status which is only given to non-malicious applications that ensure the security of their users.
  • membership – They are part of CleanApps which prioritizes consumers and user privacy.
  • WestCoast Labs Certification – They were given a certification by WestCoast labs after passing thorough product technical testing. WestCoast Labs is a global leader for testing, research, and certification. They also analyze the performance of different applications and checks for its security levels.
  • Patent pending – Advanced System Repair has a pending patent for being an innovative application that boosts computer performance and fine tunes it for maximum speed.

What does it do for my computer?

Now that the question of whether it is a virus or not is solved, the next step is to look at the different features of Advanced System Repair Pro. Being a computer-optimization application, it is equipped with a lot of different features that can target the different problems of the software and improve your PC’s security.

The following are the different features that you can use with Advanced System Repair:

  1. System Data Analysis – Advanced System Repair can give you an overview of the current condition of your hardware. It can show you the total size of your hard drive, its free space, and the total memory of your PC.
  2. Privacy Traces – The app can be used to look at the current number of cookies stored in your computer. You may get these whenever you visit websites. This can be used to track your activities. With Advanced System Repair, you can remove this from your computer.
  3. Junk Files – Even after uninstallation, some apps can still leave remnant files in your computer. These can be deleted by Advanced System Repair to free up space in your hard drive for you to be able to install more applications.
  4. Registry Entries – The registry of the computer keeps track of all the applications stored in your PC. This is a sensitive part of the software. It may have corrupted entries if you keep on uninstalling a lot of applications. You can use this app to repair the registry.
  5. Startup Optimizer – Slower startups are a result of having too much applications open along with your PC. The app can be used to select only those that are important for your usage as to make PC startup faster.
  6. Security Holes – The app can be used to scan all the vulnerable parts of the security of your computer. It can then download directly from Windows to fix these files.
  7. Outdated Drivers Update – The drivers of the PC enable the hardware and the software to work together. These are constantly updated by manufacturers to ensure its best performance. Advanced System Repair can be used to scan for outdated drivers in your PC and update them.
  8. Malware Scan – The app can scan for all malicious software within your computer that you may have accidentally downloaded from the internet. It can then delete them.
  9. Disk Defragment – The app can lessen the gaps in between the files of your hard drive to make it store data more efficiently and to lessen loading times.

   10. System Integrity Check – The app can be used to look for corrupted files within the operating system and to fix them.