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Is Advanced System Repair Pro Safe For Your PC?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 14, 2021

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The abundance of computer optimization software on the internet causes some to worry about the reliability of these products. After all, most are known for their aggressive advertising campaigns and shady bundling practices with other applications without the user’s permission. Because of this, most users are skeptical about downloading these applications.

Advanced System Repair Pro

Advanced System Repair Pro is a computer optimizing application. Unlike others, the quality of the application is top-notch and reliable. It offers features that target the computer’s software, hardware, and security with just one click from the user. With this as a selling point, it is only natural for some users to doubt its authenticity.

Is it a virus or malware?

Viruses and malware are harmful files that users may accidentally download online whenever browsing through unsafe websites and downloading pirated files. They are masked as normal files but may be secretly corrupting or deleting your other files. Even worse, it can spread itself through other healthy files and make any computer process slower over time.

Advanced System Repair Pro is a genuine application that is not, in any way, a virus or a malware. It is an application designed for improving the speed of the PC which is opposite the purpose of the mentioned harmful files. Aside from this, it can even help you delete any malware or virus present in your website. This feature is called the Malware Removal tool which is just one of many of its features.


The application has a lot of certifications from different reputable organizations which proves its authenticity and quality. These include the following:

  • AppEsteem Certification – This is awarded for applications which are clean and do not do shady market practices which may harm consumers. They are classified under Safe System Tools and Utility applications.
  • WestCoast Labs/CheckMark Certification – In order to be certified by WestCoast Labs, the application was tested using a standard set of specifications which they were able to pass. They are considered a genuine non-malicious application.
  • org Membership – They are currently a member of which is an organization that is mainly dedicated towards the privacy of users and compliance to industry standards.

They are also currently applying for a patent for their computer optimization technology.

The developers of Advanced System Repair Pro are based on Newport, California.

According to their website, they are also partners with reputable brands such as IBM, Intel, TrustPilot, The Tolly Group, and McAfee.

They are also currently rated as A in Better Business Bureau which shows good customer support and reliable product quality.