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Is Advanced System Repair Pro safe to install and use?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 22, 2020

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Advanced System Repair Pro is the registered version of Advanced System Repair and a very popular system optimizing app. It is a complete repair kit for Windows PCs and it helps you fix all the system issues in your computer and restore it to its peak performance.

When people hear about system repair apps, they tend to be a bit skeptical about installing them on their computers. This reluctance is somewhat justified, because hackers often use malicious apps to hide viruses and other types of malware and lure you into downloading those apps. They let you think that you are downloading a system repair app that will fix your PC and when you install the app, you also install the virus.

Is Advanced System Repair Pro safe to use?

Advanced System Repair Pro is 100% safe to use. It is not a virus or any type of malware. On the contrary, it has a tool that actually removes malware from your computer.

Advanced System Repair Pro has been tested by the most renowned labs in the industry and has received several certifications that attest its authenticity. Advanced System Repair Pro is AppEsteem Certified, Checkmark Certified and a member of

The app can help you speed up the startup process of your PC by up to 70% and it removes dozens of GB of junk files in your computer. It also cleans tens of thousands of privacy traces, making you harder to track online.

The only thing to pay attention to is where you download Advanced System Repair Pro from. The best thing to do is to download it directly from their official website. There are other websites you can find it on, but make sure that they are 100% secure, before using them.

What are the highlights of Advanced System Repair Pro?

Advanced System Repair Pro is only compatible with Windows devices and runs on any Windows version from XP and above, including Windows 10.

All the tools of Advanced System Repair Pro have the purpose of cleaning, repairing and boosting your PC, to make it faster and more stable. Here are the most important features included with the program:

  • Junk cleaning feature, which helps you free space on your drive, by deleting all the junk data in your PC
  • Privacy traces cleaning feature, which deletes your web surfing traces such as cookies and so on and any potential sensitive or confidential information
  • Malware cleaning feature that removes viruses and other malware threats
  • Disk defragment feature
  • Registry optimizing feature
  • Driver updating feature
  • Startup optimizing feature that makes your PC faster when it runs Windows