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Is Advanced System Repair Pro Safe to Use?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 19, 2020

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Advanced System Repair Pro is a PC repair tool from a corporation settled in California. The main goal they want to accomplish is to give their users more reliable and better computer and Internet experience by providing the best software product for a wide range of users. This experience can be improved with the advanced features offered by the Advanced System Repair Pro software. With the help of a complex and efficient software algorithm, the Windows operating system will be greatly accelerated by removing almost all the errors that slowed down its process. When the repair process is done, you will have an error-free experience and revive your PC for a long time.

In the last couple of years, they have received several licenses and certificates accrediting the effectiveness and safety of their software. The most important certificates are:

AppEsteem Certification

In order to receive this certificate, the company must fulfill several obligatory requirements related to advertising, monetizing and distribution. Some of the main requirements related to the software are:

Installation – Once you decide to install the software, the company is obligated to install only authorized apps and its components after consumer-accepted offers.

Uninstall – Upon the uninstallation process, all the software’s components must be entirely removed from the user’s PC. Also, the user must have the available option to disable, remove or close the software.

Safety – The software must have undisturbed protection while using the offered features.

Encryption – The Advanced System Repair Pro is using encryption to make sure that all private information from a user is not available to any third party.

Validity – A company must not deceive its customers in case there is no valid reason why certain components on their computer do not perform their function. This means that the free scan report offered by the Advanced System Repair Pro will show you the valid and exact errors found in your PC.

False claims – A user must be completely aware of a vendor’s app when they download the software and not mislead and directed to some third-party vendor. This is a complete safety guarantee that you are buying a product from the company that is advertising the product and disclosing the deal.

CheckMark Certified

The Advanced System Repair Pro software received the highest mark in Checkmark Certified Verified Genuine Solution accreditation, meaning that the software accomplished and satisfied a set of criteria provided by this company. This certificate is related to virus detection within the operating system. Therefore, the first criterion is related to Attacks detected and Regular updates, which is a part of security protection.

The second criterion is related to System Overhead and has a purpose to rating the software performance when it comes to the analysis of a system reboot, CPU use, memory use, and network impact.

The third criterion and the most important at this time is the Personal Information area. This area includes the rating of security level when it comes to the protection of personal and financial information. The Advanced System Repair Pro is verified with the highest mark meaning that financial data and any personal information can’t be exposed to a third-party person through advertising or during the attack.

The fourth criteria have also a lot to do with security measures. It is called the 3rd Party Software/Adware and it is related to the installation of third-party apps as a part of a primary software. These actions are common and it very important to have the option for approval only upon a user’s consent. Besides that, the software must have the ability to detect if the third-party applications are genuine or harmful.

CleanApps membership

The Advanced System Repair Pro software earned a CleanApps membership that includes a set of three most important criteria:

  • Advertising Compliance
  • Security Compliance
  • Call Center Practice Compliance

This organization is a business association that helps companies to maintain and to provide regulations and policies for better practice, security and customer support. If an application fails to this test, especially when it comes to the security level, it will be removed by anti-virus companies.


All of these certifications are a reliable proof that The Advanced System Repair Pro software is safe for downloading and using as a PC repair and optimization tool. Based on these facts, the company comes first in the safety of its users and their operating system whether you’re using it at home or as a corporate user.