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Is Advanced System Repair PRO Safe?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated May 8, 2020

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The Advanced System Repair Pro software can help you optimize, restore, and prolong the life of your PC by giving you the complete security background.

Advanced System Repair Pro is safe and easy to use and will revive your operating system. We personally downloaded their app, which is free of charge, to run a free scan report on one of our computers. The process is straightforward and the interface is easy to use. The scan report is also very transparent with all the information included.

There are two different features of this program that will assure you that is it completely safe to use and that it won’t harm your PC.

The first one is the option to use the Quarantine option in the app’s settings section. This option allows you to manually remove all the possible threats the scan report isolated for you. You will see the info regarding the date and time, the name of the threats and the name of the file which is in danger. No automatic removal of any files on your computer will occur. You can undo the actions and revert the deleted files from partitions and external drives. Manage your backup with all the valuable information you want to keep.

The second option is to use the System Restore function under the System Tools program folder in Windows. System Restore will quarantine and restore all the most important files and settings. It is usually automatically activated, but you can also set the desired time range for keeping the files restored. The System Restore keeps these files for several weeks and after that, they are deleted to provide free storage space. If you are the owner of Windows XP you need to know that System Restore will back up most of the files with the extension like.dll and .exe. With the Windows Vista operating system, all types of files and modules can be restored.

It is commonly used to protect your files when your system accidentally crashes and faces any other system problems. System File Backup and Restore are the security components of Advanced System Repair Pro. In the app’s settings, you can check the option to create a restore point before repairing issues. After the scan report, you will see the list of all the files that should be reconsidered and it is up to you to restore them or delete them.

By purchasing the Advanced System Repair Pro software the program will allow you to use the following security features:

  • You can set up your backups
  • Set the date and time manually
  • Decide about the time frame for restoring the files
  • Manually delete selected files

Our verdict is that the Advanced System Repair Pro software uses a safe technology that will keep your tracks, data, and programs on a safe level. It is up to you to choose what you want to delete or restore with minimal manual effort. At this level of security, no virus can’t come near your operating system and harm your computer.