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Is Advanced system repair pro worth the cost of the license and how much does it cost, What are its features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

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If you come across this article during your endless search on the internet, it's highly likely that your PC is currently in a bad condition. Has your PC started to lag a little bit? Or maybe there has been freezing happening lately? Or perhaps you've encountered the Blue Screen of Death already?

Whatever the case might be, one thing for sure is your computer is in dire need of help. You've been experiencing recurring system errors, and you need to act fast to prevent any further damage on your system. And unless you absolutely know what you're doing, please don't try to fix it by yourself. 

If you don't have access to a professional PC repair facility, the next best thing that you can do is using a Windows repair and optimization tool, such as Advanced System Repair Pro. But before you go ahead and buy this tool, please read the information within this article first. 

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What is Advanced System Repair Pro

As mentioned above, Advanced System Repair Pro is a Windows system repair and optimization program. As long as you use at least Windows XP and all the subsequent versions of Windows OS, then you can safely run Advanced System Repair Pro. 

Advanced System Repair Pro was developed by a company with the same name, Advanced System Repair Pro, Inc. in 2017. Through its powerful features and excellent support, Advanced System Repair Pro blasted through the competitors that came before it to earn the top spot in the industry.

The features of Advanced System Repair Pro


  • Deep Scans. In order to get a better idea about the damaged area of your system and what has been causing the system errors, Advanced System Repair Pro will initiate a deep scan process. The time it takes to finish the scan differs from one system to the next, but it is usually only around a couple of minutes to complete.
  • System errors & Corrupted files. Based on the scan results, Advanced System Repair Pro will fix everything that caused the system errors that have been troubling your PC. All of the damaged files and corrupted DLLs will be thoroughly repaired. 
  • Fixing Registries. One of the things that could cause some problems to your system is the broken registries. It could be because of malware attacks or even something like incomplete program removals. Whatever the case may be, your registry will be brought back to its optimal state.
  • Clean up junk files. Another seemingly simple thing that could end up threatening your PC is the accumulated junk files. It might be harmless at first, but the more you let it accumulate, the more space it would eat, and the slower your PC will be. By removing it, you will get your precious space back and speed up your PC.
  • Malware threats and security holes. If Advanced System Repair Pro found any malware or security loopholes during its scanning phase, it will be dealt with as swiftly as possible. The malware would be put into the quarantine while the security will be patched. 
  • Driver Updates. Another common cause of performance decline and system troubles is outdated drivers. Advanced System Repair Pro has the ability to look into every driver in your PC and find the ones that need to be updated.
  • Privacy Traces. Whenever you access any website or just simply browsing the internet as usual, you are allowing those sites to put something inside your PC. Usually in the form of cookies and caches. If you don't want such a thing in your system, then Advanced System Repair Pro will remove it for you.
  • Startup Optimizer. Another thing that would eat up precious resources and slow your computer down is the start up apps. By deciding which apps are allowed to be in the startup sequences, it will greatly enhance the performance of your PC.
Benefits of using Advanced System Repair Pro
  • Easy to use. Advanced System Repair Pro was developed with new users, or at least users who's not well versed with the world of computers, in mind. That's why everything looks so intuitive and easy to navigate. This makes Advance System Repair Pro super user-friendly.
  • Excellent customer service. Whenever you encounter any kinds of trouble when using Advanced System repair Pro, you can immediately head out to their FAQ section to find some answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, then you can simply contact their support team through emails or live chat.
Is Advanced System Repair Pro safe to use

Yes, Advanced System Repair Pro is perfectly safe to use. As a powerful system repair and optimization tool, Advanced System Repair Pro was designed to save your PC from any kind of system error. So in that sense, your computer is actually safer with Advanced System Repair Pro in it. 

Another trustworthy aspect of Advanced System Repair Pro is the fact that it is an accredited member of Better Business Bureau. Not only that, they also have received an official certification from big and well-known tech companies such as Microsoft and Intel.

How much does an Advanced System Repair Pro license cost

If you are interested in purchasing Advanced System Repair Pro, there are two kinds of license that you could choose from. You could get either the license for a single PC that cost about $29.97 or a license for an unlimited number of PCs that cost around $39.97. 

You get the same feature set no matter which license that you'd end up choosing. But do keep in mind that those are the price for a quarterly license. That means, you need to renew the license every four months if you wish to keep on using Advanced System Repair Pro.

Is Advanced System Repair Pro license worth it

Yes, an Advanced System Repair Pro license is truly worth the price. It is easily one of the most important software that you could get your hand on. Armed with Advanced System Repair Pro's powerful and essential features, you won't have to worry about system errors. 

Not only that, Advanced System Repair Pro is also very easy to use, has an excellent support team ready 24/7, and the price itself is quite reasonable. You should definitely give Advanced System Repair Pro a try.