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Is outbyte pc repair safe?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 17, 2021

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Everyday PC use will eventually lead to increased PC speed, junk files, system crashes, and lack of available memory. It is highly likely that you have experienced situations like this several times during the previous period. These PC issues can take you a lot of time and deplete your energy. Today it is possible to prevent situations like this and fix the consequences. Outbyte PC repair software is an excellent solution for all those who want to extend the life of their PC and protect private data in everyday situations. Read the full review to find out its features, reliability, and user experience.

What is Outbyte ?

Outbyte is a PC repair software optimizer customized for Windows operating systems. The PC repair is also related to both software and hardware, faster browsing and gaming experience. The software will detect the following:

  • Safety holes
  • Temporary files
  • Junk files

By removing the unnecessary files, it will improve PC speed and act as a safeguard against viruses. With its comprehensive features the repair process is fast and simple. By removing junk files and cookies, it will boost up your privacy and free up memory space. As additional features, the software will detect and repair the following issues:


  • Broken and shared DLLs
  • System malfunctions 
  • Protect your browsing experience


If you want to be fully protected, you can also activate the File Shredder tool and delete the files from the Recycle bin folder. Just be careful because by deleting these files, you can retrieve them to its previous configuration. If you are more into mobility and you use your favorite laptop for work or for personal use, Outbyte can increase the battery life by stopping the unnecessary processes in the background. 

Is Outbyte safe ?

The company has an AppEsteem certificate guaranteeing that Outbyte is safe and trusted software. Considering the fact that cybercrime is increasing, it is important to earn an AppEsteem certificate so the clients can be assured that their personal data is protected. 

At the same time, the company is a member of the CleanApps association. This certificate is proof that downloading the Oubyte software will not harm your PC because it does not contain viruses or any other threats.

These two factors ensure that the company and its products are reliable and can offer useful Pc solutions and that they are safe for their users. 

You can also activate the feature that will stop apps to collect and to give away your personal data. 

Who makes Outbyte?

Outbyte is in Sydney, Australia, but their offices are all around the world. The company was founded in 2016 and since then they are dedicated to improving customer’s experience with PC performance, stability, and security for both Windows and Mac OS. It is a small, but highly experienced team working in a friendly environment. The company also offers anti-virus software for a completely secure experience. 


Outbyte had everything an average user needs: secure PC repair software, fast and reliable service for better PC optimization, and available customer support via live chat. It is easy to navigate software and is a perfect solution if you do not want to handle a complicated interface and lose control over the features it offers. In addition, they offer a 7 days free trial period. In the last several years, the company has gained a lot of positive reviews and satisfied users from all over the globe. Fast, reliable, and secure – it is a win-win situation.