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Is Restoro a good buy for your PC?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Restoro is the easier and much more convenient alternative to reinstalling your operating system, when your PC is acting out and your system is cluttered and buggy. This software is user-friendly yet complex enough to be able to repair and optimize your entire computer with just a few mouse clicks. You don’t have to have knowledge in the IT field, nor do you have to waste time with reinstalling your Windows, because it is a tedious process that involves reinstalling drivers, backing up your data and more.

Restoro is a comprehensive optimizing app released in 2018. While it has only 2 years in this industry, Restoro is nevertheless a popular system optimizer, used by millions and millions of users all over the world.

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run Restoro system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2. Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3. Click "Fix All" and that's it!

What are the system requirements for Restoro?

Restoro was specially developed for the Windows operating system and doesn’t currently work on Macs, Linux or other OS. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

In order for the program to work at its full potential and give you the best results, you also need at least 512 MB RAM and a reliable, high-speed internet connection.

How do you use Restoro?

Restoro can easily be downloaded from the official Restoro website. You can also find it on other websites on the internet, but you should carefully choose your source. If you download the installation kit from the first website you see on Google, you might risk downloading malware when you download the program and infect your system. Always choose a trust-worthy, verified source.

Once you download the software and install it on your PC, you can go two ways about it. You can pay for it from the get-go or you can just use the free version at first, to run a scan of your device, free of charge.

Restoro can be used for free to run PC scans and to test its interface, but you have to pay for it to get a license key, if you want to unlock all the features it has to offer, to be able to actually fix and improve your PC.

What pricing options does Restoro have to offer?

Restoro offers licenses that are available for one year. The payment is not recurring so after one year, if your license has expired, you have to renew it if you want to continue to use Restoro. You will receive reminder emails 30 days and 15 days before your license expires, just so you don’t forget.

Restoro offers three options to choose from: 1 license that is available for a single repair, 1 license that is available for unlimited use for an entire year and 3 licenses that are available for unlimited use for 1 year. The latter option is recommended to those who have more than one PC they want to fix and optimize with Restoro.

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Restoro accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards and all major credit cards are accepted.

When you purchase one of the three options described above, you also get a 60-day money back guarantee, which protects you financially, in case you are not satisfied with the product and you want a refund.

What can Restoro do to make your PC better?

The repair process of Restoro starts with a deep scan of your entire system. That scan usually takes around 5 minutes to complete. The scan will divide all the found issues in 3 categories: stability issues, security issues and hardware issues.

The stability of your system can be affected by various factors, from clutter to broken Windows registry, malware and so on. It will manifest through constant crashes and freezes. Restoro will let you know which are the apps and programs that cause those crashes and freezes and how often they cause those problems.

When it comes to security, your PC may get infected in various ways. Restoro identifies any malware threats in your system, such as spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, adware and so on. It can quarantine viruses, it repairs the damage left behind by them and replaces the infected files with healthy ones from its database. However, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on Restoro for virus protection. Instead, you should use it in combination with an antivirus program, in order to get the best results.

Some hardware problems that can be revealed by a Restoro scan are memory problems, a low hard-disk speed, temperature and CPU problems and so on. Restoro doesn’t have the ability to solve these but it can point them out so that you can take the proper measures. Restoro may recommend which components you should replace, what parts need to be upgraded and so on.

What does Restoro repair in your PC?

The scanning process is just one of the two important steps involved in the Restoro repair process. The next one is to start fixing those issues and make your PC faster, more stable and more secure.

Restoro can fix all the common issues found in Windows PCs, such as:

  • Blue screens of death (BSOD) which are those error screens you get when your PC suddenly crashes due to a system error
  • Crashes and freezes; these usually occur when a certain program stops responding and, in most cases, the only remedy is to reboot the program or in worse scenarios, the entire system
  • Virus damage: after the threat is removed or quarantined, Restoro has to also clean up the mess left by malware. In most cases, that means that all the corrupted/infected files have to be removed and replaced with fresh, clean ones. Restoro has a huge database of more than 25 million Microsoft files that are healthy, authentic, pristine and up to date
  • Damaged DLLs: DLLs (dynamic link libraries) usually get corrupted or incomplete because we keep on installing and uninstalling programs on the computer; DLLs are vital components of some apps or programs and sometimes they get overwritten, renamed, misplaced or infected by malware, which confuses the system; the result is a buggy computer that crashes or malfunctions

Many users have come to our site to find out if Restoro is safe for your computer, and we have looked into what the program does and who makes it to safely say that yes it is safe for anyone to use on their systems. No matter your level of tech knowledge we have faith that you can safely use the program, and if any issues are encountered we have seen Restoro customer support assist with any issues.