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Is Restoro a Virus

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 30, 2020

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Restoro is a computer-optimizing application that you can use to improve your PC’s performance. It is equipped with different features targeted towards hardware, software, and security to ensure better speeds. It is very easy to use and is helpful for older PCs. 

What does Restoro do?

As soon as Restoro is installed in the computer, it does a full scan of your system. Here, it will analyze the following: 

  • Hardware –Restoro will see the current condition of the hardware. Although it is incapable of fixing it itself, it can give you an idea on whether to fix certain parts of the hardware to upgrade it. This is because it plays a big part in ensuring better PC performance. 
    • Software – Restoro analyzes the different parts of the computer’s software including registry, key components, and even Windows files. It also repairs and removes corrupted software. 
    • Security – Restoro ensures that any damages from viruses or malware will be fixed. This is because even if this is removed from your system by antivirus, corrupted and damaged software can still make computer performance slow. 
What are its features?

The following are its features: 

  1. Virus and Spyware Removal - Malware and viruses can be accidentally downloaded to your computer whenever you visit unsafe websites.Restoro can be used to scan for these. It can then quarantine and delete them from your system. 
  2. Repair Virus Damage – After removing these viruses and malware, you may still have slower performance because of corrupted software.Restoro can be used to fix these. 
  3. Repair Windows Stability Issues – The operating system of the computer has an effect to almostall of the activities you do with it. However, it may be damaged due to continued usage or other activities. Restoro can be used to scan for corrupted entries in the operating system for it to repair. 
  4. Download System Files – There may be occasions when the files that are important for the operating system is too corrupted to be fixed. In this case, you will need to download these from the internet. Looking for one yourself may be dangerous as there are many viruses masked as Windows files online. WithRestoro, you can download healthy system files that you can use to improve your PC’s performance.  
  5. Repair Application Stability Issues – Whenever an application frequently crashes and freeze, it is a sign that its stability is low. This can be due to corrupted files inside it.Restoro can be used to assess the damage of applications and fix these. 
  6. Registry Optimization – The registry of the PC is responsible for keeping track of all the applications installed it. Installing and uninstalling too much may result to corrupted entries inside it. This then leads to slower PC performance. By optimizing the registry, you can expect this to be fixed.
  7. Hardware Analysis –Restoro can be used to look at the current condition of your hardware. Specifically, it can scan for data of the Hard Drive (HD), the Central Processing Unit (CPU), and Random Access Memory (RAM). Having too much files on the hard drive, too much background running apps for CPU and the RAM, and having a high temperature for the hardware can all cause slower computer performance. Even though Restoro will not fix this, the user will get a better idea whether to upgrade these parts or not. 
  8. PC Scan – Using Restoro is very easy even if you are not that knowledgeable with computers. Upon installations, it will immediately look for the different parts of the PC to see what is causing the slower performance.  

Restoro has three pricing plans that differ in terms of pricing and the duration of use.

The first plan gives you a single license which can fix the PC for one time. It is originally priced at $39.95. It is discounted to $29.95.  
The second plan gives a single license which can fix the PC for unlimited times in one year. It is originally priced at $69.95. It is discounted to $39.95.  
The third plan gives three licenses which can fix the PC for unlimited times in one year. It is originally priced at $99.95. It is discounted to $59.95.

Final thoughts on Restoro

As you can see in our review of Restoro, we think very highly of their features and ability to help computer users. If you are a high level computer user you might not need any of their features, but for everyone else we can see that there is value in the product that they are providing. Although there had been some reports of false positive detections of Restoro being labeled as a virus we have seen them get corrected very quickly. We reviewed Restoro and found that it is easily one of the best system optimizers out there today.