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Is restoro pc repair tool safe and what can it do

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

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Have you ever experienced a constant stream of system error notification when using your trusted PC? What about the screen suddenly freezing, everything starting to lag, and an occasional blue screen of death? If any of those things have ever happened to your PC, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. 

So what could you do about it? Well, the first and most obvious thing would be to use a tool that was specifically made to handle this sort of problems, a Windows system repair and optimization tool. And one of the most popular ones in the market right now is called Restoro. 

So what is Restoro? What can it do for your PC? Can it truly save your computer? Is Restoro safe to use? Is it free? If not, how much does it cost? Why should you choose Restoro over any other similar tools? Well, you'll find the answers to those questions in this brief article. 

What is Restoro?

Restoro is a tool that is specialized in repairing and optimizing computers that run Windows Operating systems. Since a deterioration is something that will eventually happen to every Windows PC, such a tool is a crucial part in making sure that a PC would be able to run safely and smoothly for a prolonged period of time. 

Among other similar tools that are available in the market right now, Restoro stands tall as one of the most popular and more reliable options than the others. The reason is simply because Restoro put a heavy emphasis on functionality and user experience. 

When other PC repair tools began to add more features that may not have a close connection to their main purpose in order to attract more customers, Restoro took the other approaches and further streamlined and polished its core functionality. Making it one of the most powerful, lightweight, and easy to use tools of its kind in the market right now.

What can Restoro do?
  • PC scan and assessment. Upon booting up Restoro, the first thing that it will ask you to do is to initiate the deep scan feature. It will look deeply and carefully into every little part of your system in order to find the source of the problems. The whole process shouldn't take more than several minutes at most.
  • Replacing damaged system files and DLLs. After it successfully identifies any damaged system files and DLLs, Restoro will immediately look into identical files within its own massive database. So instead of merely fixing the broken files, it would actually replace it with the identical yet healthy versions of the files. 
  • Registry clean up. More often than not, system errors would also affect the registry entries and make it go awry. If it found that such a thing had happened to your registry, Restoro would rearrange it to its most appropriate configuration so that it could work properly from this point forward. 
  • System optimization. In order to not only repair your system but also to optimize it, Restoro would look into any potential part of your system that could be optimized. Such as any possible security loophole, ineffective configuration, missing system files, and many more. And thus improve the overall performance of your PC.
  • Malware quarantine. Malware attacks often become one the main reasons behind system errors. That's why Restoro is equipped with malware detection and quarantine features. If Restoro found any trace of malware during its deep scan phase, it would put them all into quarantine at once. 
Is Restoro safe to use

Yes, Restoro is very safe to use. Since Restoro's main function is to repair your system and optimize the overall configuration, using Restoro is actually way safer than otherwise. And when used regularly, Restoro will also be able to make sure that every little component of your system is in a top notch condition, which increases the security even further. 

What's more, if there's ever a time when you feel dissatisfied with how Restoro does its work, there's an option within Restoro itself that will allow you to return your system to the state before you ever use Restoro. Any changes and reparations will be undone in a matter of minutes. 

How much does a Restoro license cost

Restoro offers three different types of licenses that you can choose based on your particular needs. 

  • Basic plan. With this plan, you'll get a license for one-time use and repair. This is a license for one computer and the price is $29.95.
  • Premium plan. This is the plan that will give you unlimited repair and support for one year. Just like the basic plan, this one is also the license for one computer. The price is $39.95.
  • Extended plan. This plan is similar to the previous plan because it also offers one year worth of unlimited repair and support. However, this one is a license for three computers, so the price becomes $59.95.

Every computer that runs Windows OS will come across system errors and decline in performance during its life. When such a time inevitably comes, having a PC repair tool like Restoro could be the difference between a dead PC and a functional one. 

With all of its essential features and capabilities, Restoro is not only safe to use, but it would actually improve the overall security of your PC as well. You should try it.