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New Reimage review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 17, 2020

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We live in a world where technology keeps on improving and evolving without us even realizing it. Something that has become the industry standard this year may no longer stay relevant next year.  

You should also notice this trend of rapid growth in a device that has become an essential part of our personal and professional life, a computer. A more powerful computer is certainly beneficial for its users but that level of complexity also means that there is more stuff that could go wrong with it.  

Not many people have the time nor the will to stay on top of every latest development to their operating system so that they can fix their computer by themselves when something bad inevitable happen one day.  

And you don't have to. Some people specialized in that field and there is also software that you could use to repair and maintain your OS. In this article, we gonna look into one of that software. The name is Reimage PC Repair and hopefully, you'll find out at the end whether or not you should use this product. 

About Reimage PC Repair

Reimage PC Repair is a Windows system repair, maintenance, and optimization software. Upon installation, it will initiate a deep scans to assess what's wrong with your computer and what needs to be done to further improve its performance. 

Reimage PC Repair was founded by Zak Dechovich in 2007 and now, more than a decade later, it has established itself as one the leading name in its industries. In 2014, Reimage was acquired by Kape Technologies PLC and serve as another addition to the collection of the company's cybersecurity roster that includes, Cyberghost VPN, Zenmate, and Intego, among others.  

Kape Technologies, formerly known as Crossrider PLC, used to work in the advertising-based software and have earned a rather negative reputation throughout the industry. Armed with the new namethe company now decided to focus on Cybersecurity industry and with the addition of the well-known Reimage under its belt, it will also trying to add a more friendly and reliable image to its rapidly growing brand. 

Features of Reimage PC Repair
  • Quick Scans. The time it takes to scan the whole system may depend based on various factors, such as how old the system is, how many stuff you put in there, the condition of your hardware, etc. But for most computers, it will usually take just around five minutes to finish the deep scan.  
  • Hardware scan. The first thing Reimage will check is your hardware. It will look into your computer's memory usage, the speed of your hard disk, the power of your CPU, and also the overall temperature. This step is usually the fastest one out of the three scans. 
  • Security scan. During this step, Reimage will look into any security breach, privacy threats and loopholes in your system. It will check whether or not there's any virus, malware, or missing crucial system updates in your computer and find out the severity of the problems to determine the best method to repair it. 
  • Stability scan. Last but not least, reimage will scan for any stability issues that might affect the performance of your computer. It will look for any software and programs that have been eating up your system resource and causing your computer to slow down or even freeze in the middle of an activity.  
  • PC profile. At the end of the scan, Reimage will create a profile of your PC with a detailed breakdown of any problem that is found on your system in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. It will then compare the result to the millions of other PC worldwide that have been scanned by Reimage in their database to find the best settings for that particular configuration.  
  • Disk clean up. Based on the information from the result of the scan, Reimage will delete any leftover files from previous software installation or updates that are no longer needed by your system. By deleting these files, Reimage will free up spaces in your HDD or SSD and consequently, improve your PC performance.  
  • Fixing registry. Updates and installation will not only leave traces in your hard drive, but also on your registry. Cleaning it up may not give any significant increase to your storage, but it will help to keep your system healthy. 
  • Replacing corrupt or missing DLL files. Reimage has an up to date database comprises of 25 million system files and growing for any possible configuration. After identifying any damaged or missing system files in the initial scanning period, it will then use the PC profile to immediately replace those files with the same, healthy files. By doing this, Reimage will restore your PC to its optimal state.  
  • Fixing security holes. Security holes may come from outdated drivers, virus attacks, or even missing crucial OS updates. By looking at its database, Reimage will find the necessary updates and settings to not only strengthen your security but also to protect your privacy.  
  • Fixing system errors. By fixing all of those damages that I mention above, Reimage Repair has effectively resolved your system errors. Whether your computer suddenly freezes, there's a decrease in performance, or even the frequent blue screen of death, by making sure that your system is always in the top condition, Reimage has fixed and prevented those fatal errors from happening again. 
  • Restore peak performance. If you regularly let Reimage check the condition of your system, it will make sure to keep it in the best possible configuration. This means you will be able to always use your computer at its peak performance. 
Benefits of using Reimage PC repair
  • Pricing. Reimage is free to download and you can freely use its deep scans capabilities but if you want it to be fixed, you need to purchase their license. A one-time fix will cost you USD29.95 but if you want the most bang-for-your-buck, then I recommend one year of unlimited fix and support plan for USD39.95. I think it's a perfectly reasonable price for such an important service, isn't it? 
  • Ease of use. With its clear user interface and straightforward design, Reimage is very easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy people. For software that handled such a complex task, Reimage has successfully managed to make their software as user-friendly as possible. It is also a truly one-click solution. Upon installation, you only need to click a "Scan" button and a "Fix" button then your problem will be solved. 
Should you use Reimage PC repair

ffered a much thorough service at a very affordable price.   

Their customer service also ready 24/7 to help you tackle any issue that you might face while using their product. Overall, it's definitely worth a try.  If you are looking for more information about the actions that the program can do for your system take a look at our full reimage repair review