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Quick guide for installing Reimage Repair

The Emperor Avatar By: The Emperor | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Over time, the computer may suffer from slower performance. Even with normal usage, it may still have problems due to frequent installations of application. While this may prompt some users to purchase another computer, it may be a better idea to simply address the software issues that their computers are experiencing.

Reimage Repair

Reimage Repair is an all-around computer utility software developed by Reimage Limited. They are based in Tel Aviv. Their specialties are for repair applications. It is designed to revive computers which are experiencing software stability issues and slow performance. It can also help users see the current condition of their hardware.

Installing the application

The installer for Reimage Repair can be downloaded through this link. From here, you can also see the product’s FAQ, company description, and more. You can also download an online scanner here.

The installer is easy to use. From here, you can select the language for the entire process. You can also view their license agreement and privacy policy. Users can then go to the actual installation process by clicking the “Install” button which means that the user is agreeing to their license agreement and privacy policy. 

Users can also allow the application to instantly start a full scan of the computer once it is installed.

It only takes a couple of minutes before the application is fully installed in the computer. It does not take too much of the computer’s memory which allows users to do something else while the installation is ongoing.

Using the application

Once the application is installed, it will guide the user towards the scanning process. This is the part where it will analyze the current condition of the computer. It will look at how stable the software is and which parts suffer from any issues.

Important information such as hardware condition and corrupted files will be shown.

Fixing the computer’s issues

The application can be used to fix its scanned issues once it is licensed. The following are the prices for purchasing one:

  • 1 license that can be used for unlimited times within a year is priced at $39.95
  • 3 licenses that can be used for unlimited times within a year is priced at $59.95

Purchasing a license for the application will give complete access to its repair features. If the user will not purchase one, they are still entitled to a free complete scan of their computer’s issue. This is helpful as it can help users know why their PCs are suffering from slow speeds.

Once licensed, the application can then be used to repair the damages of the computer. With just a couple of clicks, the user can improve system stability with features that optimizer windows registry, replace corrupted files, and more. Users can also remove spywares and viruses that are inside the PC once the application is licensed.