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Reimage Plus vs. Advanced System Repair comparison

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Reimage Plus and Advanced System repair are PC software optimizers with some of the best features to help you improve your PC performance and maintain its stability and security. Reimage Plus is the licensed software from the company Reimage Ltd with two locations: one in Tel Aviv where the office is, with 30 IT professional developers and their headquarter, which is in Douglas, Isle of Men. Reimage Repair software was introduced to the market in 2007 and since then, has been one of the most affordable solutions for Windows, Mac and Android users. Advanced System Repair comes from Newport, California and their software is compatible with the Windows operating system only.

Let’s take a look at the similarities between this two apps and their main features.

Both of these programs offer a free scan report after the installation process. You can download the software on their official website, and the installation will take only a couple of minutes after which you can run a free scan report. Information regarding the three most important sectors will be included in their scan reports:

Hardware issues related to low-level memory, hard disk performance, CPU, temperatures, video card. The repair process will increase the free memory space, improve hard disk performance, improve the graphics card and fix other hardware problems causing your PC to slow down or to lose performance.

Stability issues that can be related to some third-party programs, cached data, damaged DLL files, the Black screen of death errors, crashes and many more. The Disk Optimizer feature is included in the stability check and will repair all the missing paths between old and updated versions of installed applications. This process is called disk defragmentation and it is closely related to improving the function of missing or corrupted DLL files. After every download process, the dynamic link library is expanded causing the errors between programs.

Security issues that are mostly related to viruses, malware, and Trojans found in the operating system. These malicious files will seriously endanger your personal information and cause the malfunction of PC.

Reimage Repair offers a free trial version activated during the free scan check. By purchasing one of their membership plans you can fix the found issues. The same thing happens with Advanced System Repair which requires upgrading for the full service.

Both of the services have a user-friendly interface, a quick installation guide, and a fast check report. They are both verified by McAfee secure and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Difference between memberships and plans

Reimage offers 4 different plans depending on the operating system, private or business use and renewal plan:

  1. Home plan with all the basic features with:
  • 1 license and one-year membership for $39.95 or
  • 3 license for 3 devices and one year of membership for $59.95
  1. Reimage Mac for Mac operating system with:
  • 1 license and one-time repair for $19.95 or
  • 3 license and unlimited time of use for $39.95
  1. Business plan for technicians that offers a quick and reliable repair of your PC and your business partner’s PC. For the best price, you will need to contact the company, and they will offer you the best solution for your business.
  1. Renewal plan for annual PC repair with:
  • 1 license and unlimited repair for one year for $39.95 or
  • 3 licenses with the unlimited repair for one year for $59.95

Reimage Mac plan is not as comprehensive as the others, but it will clean up the browsing history, cached data and will free up the memory for a better dependability and PC performance.

Advanced System Repair Pro offers three types of licenses for Windows users:

  1. 1 PC license for $29.95
  2. 3 PC license for 39.95
  3. Unlimited PCs licenses for $49.95

One of the main differences between Reimage and Advance System Repair, besides availability for different types of operating systems, is the renewal period. Advanced System Repair Pro will be renewed after three months, while Reimage offers the licenses for the whole year.

Difference related to compatibility

Advanced System Repair Pro is compatible only with Windows users (Windows Vista, Windows 8/7 and 10). Reimage is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10), macOS and Android users. Even though the features are not so comprehensive for macOS and the Android operating systems, it will definitely help you improve and boost your PC, mobile or tablet hardware and software. 

Difference related to security

While the Reimage Repair explicitly points out that this software can’t protect you from viruses, malware or Trojans, Advanced System Repair Pro claims that this software will offer virus protection. Reimage will detect the potentially malicious files and repair the damage caused by replacing the faulty files with the new, healthy ones from their 25 million database. This software is closely connected with Avira AntiVir software for the best virus detection. On the other hand, Advanced System Repair Pro guarantees protection from viruses and claims that it will remove them from your PC.


When it comes to PC software optimizers, Reimage and Advanced System Repair are one of the most reliable solutions. With a free scan report and an easy-to-use interface, it takes just a couple of minutes to start the repair process. Reimage Ltd expanded its offer for macOS and Android users making them more mobile than others. Advanced System Repair will cost you slightly less, but Reimage offers a more flexible business deal for companies. Reimage is pointing out that if you uninstall the software from PC, the operating system will go back to its prior condition leading to all the changes to be repealed. That’s why the free trial is a great solution for new users because you can get familiar with its features before purchasing the membership.

Whichever software you choose, rest assured that it will eliminate unwanted applications, clear browsing history, remove auto-run for chosen apps, protect and repair damage from malicious files and third-party programs and system errors, prolonging the lifespan of your PC.