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Reimage Repair Tool 2021 Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 14, 2021

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System optimizers are popular applications for computers that can be used to improve its performance. It does this by solving issues found in the software. This comes with a variety of features which can target different aspects of the computer such as the registry, the hard drive, and the operating system. It is recommended to be used by both pro and amateur users as it can solve the issues of the PC with just a few minutes which can be started by users with only a couple of clicks.


Reimage repair tool has always been a popular choice for system optimizers because of its application which is very accessible for a lot of users. Here, users gain access to tried and tested features by computer experts. The application was designed for Windows PCs, having maximum expertise in the ins and outs of the operating system. The application can provide cleanup for the junk files of the computer as to free up space inside it, optimize the software for better performance, and provide excellent security for your computer. It can also help computers recover from a formerly slow performance.

Test of fixing your computer with Reimage

To test the effectiveness of the application, we tested the application for fixing the different aspects of the computer. The first part we tested it for is the hardware. Before doing so, we already knew that since it is a system optimizer, it does not fix any of these problems directly. Instead, the application can detect the different issues that this aspect currently suffers from. First, this can be seen with the low memory rate of the computer which shows that the applications take most of its resources. Next, the hard disk speed will be seen. Having slow performance for this shows that applications may load slower. Next, issues with the CPU and temperature will also be seen.

Upon testing, the hardware scanner of the application was very effective in showing us the faulty parts of the hardware that have needed an upgrade or replacement. The presentation of the data was also very easy to read for all users. 

Next, it will look at the status of the computer’s stability. This can generally be seen with your applications’ function. If your computer is prone to crashing, this can be a sign of having corrupt files. Next, the presence of too many Windows issues is a sure sign of errors in the software. This can be seen with frequent error issues, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, freezing, and more. After scanning, the application will then start to fix these issues. It will look for errors within the registry, the DLL files, and more. 

Parts of the Windows files that can no longer be repaired will be replaced. The files for these will come from a database of Reimage Repair. This contains over 25 million genuine entries that are ensured to restore system stability once installed in the computer.

Application design

The application design is an important part for most system optimizers as it determines how easily its features can be used. This is why it is important to streamline the different features to ensure that users will not have a difficult time in using it even if it is abundant. With Reimage, we didn’t have any problems in using it. Upon opening it, it will instantly start a full scan of the computer to check for the different issues. It then displays these issues for the user to read. It will then fix these issues with just a couple of clicks. The only concern we had with the application is its outdated graphics that seem outdated in a Windows 10 interface. Other than this, the application is well-designed.

Is it safe for my computer?

Given that many malware on the internet nowadays pretend to be safe applications, many users are wary of downloading system optimizers. This is also because the applications need to gain access to the files of the computer which many may not want. 

Reimage is a good exception, though, as it is completely safe for the computer. All of its features are also very helpful for improving the performance.


Reimage Repair is an excellent application for improving system stability and making slow computers return to peak performance. The application has a streamlined process for this that is easy to access because of its application design. Upon testing, the application was able to improve our test computer successfully. 


  • Has a good repair process that is easy to use
  • Uses reliable files for replacing important Windows files to restore stability
  • Good for detecting issues in the software and hardware


  • Has outdated design