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Reimage Repair Tool

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Introduction to Reimage

Gone are the days when you had to leave your computer with a PC repair technician for several days to fix your system problems. You can let Reimage fix your computer issues in about an hour! This comes with several other advantages over a PC repair technician. Or if I may ask, who would want some spotty Jerk snooping through their sensitive personal files? Not to mention how you will sweat over the shocking technician charges.  

Pro Tip : Most computer users follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results. The repairs are done automatically.

1st Download & Run the Reimage Repair Tool  (Recommended)

2nd Click Start Scan to identify all errors.

3rd Click "Fix All" and that's it!



Who makes Reimage Repair Tool?

Reimage Repair is a complex computer repair tool made by Reimage Limited, a company based in Telaviv. This utility repair fixes all the Windows damages caused by viruses and other malware without you having to reinstall your PC. The Windows repair version was established in 2007 and remains among the best you will find in the market today.  

What Features does the Reimage Repair Tool Have?

Compatibility with Devices 

Unlike most software that are only compatible with windows devices, Reimage has apps for Mac and Androids as well. Reimage for Mac works on a device running OS X Maverick and above. On the other hand, Reimage Repair for Androids is compatible with Android 2.3 and above.    

On the side of windows, Reimage is compatible with windows 7, 8, 8 pro, XP but not Windows 10. It is important to note that both the Mac version and the Android app are focused on cleaning the junk on your device. Only the windows version Remains a system repair tool since it was established in 2007.  


Junk Cleaner 

Reimage is very effective if you want to clear junk data from both your Android and Mac in order to free space on your drive. It deletes your browsing history, text history, cached space, cookies, and all junk files of all types. It analyzes and helps you organize your device memory space in a better way. We realized Reimage could also monitor and notify you if anything takes up much space on your Mac. 

Even better, is the fact that it allows you to schedule a weekly cache clean up with Android. With the schedule, you can identify the app that uses resources the most and close it if necessary.  


A Database of More than 25 Million Files 

Reimage is well equipped with brand new files in its database that it uses to replace the damaged file in your PC. It does this by monitoring your computer for faulty, missing, or damaged files and then replacing them with healthy ones from its database. However, you should not rely on this software to save you from malware. It only fixes the damage left behind by the malware infection. 

Some of the most important windows related issues that you can fix with Reimage Repair software include but not limited to, blue Screen Of Death (BSODs), damaged DLLs, computer freezes, and virus damages.    

Prices and Plans 

This is ideal software for home use and business purposes alike. For business purposes. Simply contact the company to give you a quote based on your organization's needs. With that being said, we can only unveil the prices for home use.   

For windows, there are two plans; 1 license, and 3 licenses both for one year. One license cost $41.95 and 3 licenses cost only $58.95. From the look of things, the latter is relatively economical and it is ideal if you have more than a device to repair.  

The good news is that the software is free for download and installation. Downloading it from their website is a breeze and only takes a few minutes. Once downloaded, you can run a scan for free and see all the problems that your computer has. If you want to go ahead with the repair, you will have to purchase. 

What are the Benefits of the Reimage Repair Tool?

Fixes frustrating window problems: Reimage will fix all the problems that usually make you feel like throwing your computer out of the window. These may include freezes, crashes, blue screen of death, DLL problems, pop-up error messages among others. 

Saves you the cash for installing new windows: Reinstalling the window is an absolute pain that does not only cost you some cash but time as well. If you have done it before, you will concur with me that it takes a day or more to fix back all your software, drivers, and other documents to get your computer running again. With Reimage, you only need an hour to do the whole thing and it is cheaper in the long run.  

Easy to use: Windows repairs with Reimage don’t need any additional technical ability. You simply need to click scan, register then sits back as Reimage does the rest for you.  Any computer user will feel safe and secure when initiating a scan and automatically fixing the identified issues.

You can undo the repair made for up to 7 days: Sometimes you may run a scan but replacing your windows is not what your computer really needed. In such a case you may opt to undo the process. Well, Reimage gives you up to 7 days within which you can still undo the process.  

Make your computer run like it is new: Most of the repairs out there will promise you this but with Reimage, it is a tested and proven quality. Whether your computer is in its deathbed, this software will restore it to its ‘brand new state’.  

Final thoughts on Reimage Repair Tool

If your computer is on its last legs then you have all the reasons to try this software. It is one of the best you will find in the market there. Given its generous pricing and all the benefits you are sure to enjoy, it is a good value for money. You can browse through this website for guidelines on the easiest way to download, install, and run it on your PC system. Feel free to share with us your experience with this software.  We further do a full review of Reimage Repair tool and find that it provides great value for the price of the software. When we looked at what it costs and what it does there is really nothing that compares in the same ballpark.