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Restoro features and benefits reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 25, 2021

Restoro protection


Restoro is a recommended application for those looking for a straightforward system optimizer that has a lot of features for ensuring system stability and improving PC performance. It comes with great pricing plans and customer support. Those looking for a free version might be disappointed with its limited usability, though.

System optimizers are applications that users can download to improve the performance of their computer. It is mostly advised for those whose PCs frequently freeze, crash, or lags. These applications solve issues found in the software and security. It can also help solve issues within the hardware.

Restoro PC Repair Tool

Restoro is a system optimizer that was released in 2018. They are known for their PC-repair technology that specializes in replacing corrupt files within the PC with genuine and healthy ones. They currently have an online database that contains 25 million of authentic Microsoft files that can replace corrupted ones within users’ PCs. Their technology is constantly updated by the Restoro R&D Center to make their application viable for every Windows update.

Installing the application

Based on its process of installation, Restoro takes customer convenience as a main priority. For starters, users can simply start the process of installation through the ‘Download’ button in their website. 

A set-up wizard will then guide you through the applications’ license agreement and privacy policy. Users are also given the option to change the language and to opt for an instant scan once the installation process is complete.

The installation process takes less than 5 minutes to finish. 

Scanning the computer

Even without a license, Restoro can be used to start a full scan of the computer. As soon as it finishes downloading, you can allow it to fully scan the different parts of the computer that its features can optimize later.

The application uses a simple interface that manages to properly display and teach users about the current part of the PC that is being scanned. This process takes up less than ten minutes. A good thing about Restoro is that users can freely do other activities while the scan is ongoing because it only takes a small amount of the PC’s memory to run. This also makes it easier to run the application for regular check-ups.

The following are the parts of the computer that will be scanned:

  • Compiling Data
  • Your PC Profile
  • PC Stability
  • PC security
  • Summary

Aside from these, the application also starts to gather information for fixing the PC. This includes gathering information about the computer’s hardware (memory, hardware), security, and stability.

After the initial scan, the application will also show a hardware summary of the computer. This includes information about the CPU, its performance, temperature levels, PC model, and the hard disk drive speed. This is important to let users know if their computer’s hardware can still keep up with the demands of their software.

The results of the scan are all placed in a comprehensive collection to make it easier to understand even for those without much knowledge of the computer which further proves the application’s user-friendliness.

This part is available for all users. However, to start the fixing process of the computer, users need to purchase a license. 

One important thing to take note of is that some of the information that can be gathered during this initial scan is already offered by Windows 10. This includes hardware information (PC model, temperature, etc.).

How to use Restoro

The best part about the Restoro PC Repair tool is its features. After using the features, most computers can experience a faster computer speed and less application crashing.

True to its user-friendly goal, the application’s fixing process is also easy to use. Users simply need to click the ‘Start Repair’ button to let the app start solving system issues. The following is the sequence of fixing by the application.

  • Clear Faulty Files
  • Install Fresh Files
  • Repair Damage
  • Stability Check
  • Security Check

These fixes the following errors within the computer:

  1. Windows Errors – These are pop-up error boxes that appear whenever an application has a corrupted file that prevents it to be opened or to continue running. Aside from this, the app may also frequently freeze while it is running. This is often a sign that there are errors within its files due to virus damage, errors within the registry, and more.

  2. Blue Screen of Death – This is a major error that happens in Windows computers where the computer completely stops all of the applications running and instead displays a blue screen of error. This is a fatal system error that forces users to restart the PC completely (which might corrupt the applications that were running before the error).

  3.  Damaged DLLs – DLLs or Dynamic Link Libraries are important components needed for an application to run. Errors in relation to this usually come in the form of “Missing DLLs” or “Corrupted DLLs”. These usually happen whenever users constantly install and uninstall applications. Restoro can be used to fix these.

  4. Freezing computer – A freezing or hanging computer is commonly filled with too many files within its hard drive or with a lot of issues within its software. When the computer's condition is too bad, it may sometimes be necessary for users to completely restart the PC just to be able to use it again. 

  5. Virus Damage – A virus is a file that automatically self-replicates itself within the computer and attaches itself to otherwise safe files in order to spread itself to other PCs. The damage it can do to the computer ranges from corrupting files to deleting some of them. They are usually downloaded from unsafe websites. Even after removal, the damage it did to your computer can still be felt with missing and corrupted files. Restoro can be used to fix this.

  6. Operating System Recovery – Restoro can be used to replace the important files of Windows while ensuring that user data is retained. The application restores errors within the registry values, system settings, and more. With this, there can be less system errors and the PC can have more system stability. In case an error occurs during this process, the application has a system revert option that brings the computer back to its old version.

One of the highlights of Restoro is its online database that contains about 25,000,000 genuine and healthy Windows files. This can be used to replace those that are corrupted or damaged within your computer. 

Restoro’s repair does not include issues within the hardware. It can only be used to see its current condition. It can’t also be used for fixing third-party applications including Microsoft Office and iTunes.

Restoro User interface

As mentioned before, Restoro’s main priority is to be as user-friendly as possible. This is very apparent with its minimal and straightforward interface.

Upon installation, users will instantly see the different features of the application, from analyzing features up to fixing features.

After a system scan, the application will display all of the issues scanned from your PC in one comprehensive report which amateur PC users will be able to understand. This gives the user the knowledge to develop better computer usage habits to ensure better PC health in the long run.

In case users would like to purchase a license after doing a full scan of their computer, they can do so through the app’s website. They can then register this within the application. 

How much does Restoro cost?


Restoro’s pricing is flexible for users who want more PC licenses and those who want unlimited usage of the application.

The following are the prices for purchasing a license for Restoro. This gives full access to all of its repairing features and will let you know how much a license key for Restoro costs:

  • A single license that can be used for a one-time repair is formerly priced at $39.95 but is discounted to $29.95
  • A single license that can be used unlimitedly for one year is priced at $69.95 but is discounted to $69.95
  • Three licenses that can be used unlimitedly for one year is priced at $99.95 but is discounted to $59.95

With these plans, Restoro may be too expensive to purchase a license that is only good for one usage as maintenance should be done at least twice per month for maximum computer performance. Users are recommended to purchase the two other plans as it offers unlimited usage and more flexibility in terms of computers that can be fixed by the application.

In comparison to other system optimizers, Restoro offers average prices. For example, Advanced System Optimizer also sells their application for $29.95, with the difference being in the number of months when it can be used (3 months only, compared to Restoro’s 1 year). Similarly, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is priced at 26 euros or about $30 for their application. What makes Restoro a better choice, though, is that its license lasts for one year.

This pricing comes with a full money-back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with their products. The guarantee lasts for 60 days from the date of purchase. The application also has a McAfee and Norton Security Certification that proves that it is not a scam or a virus.

Restoros free version

Restoro has a free version which is basically the application before it is licensed. Users can download this from the website.

The free version of Restoro allows users to do a full scan of their computer. It can then point out issues of the software and system stability. It will also display the current condition of the PC’s hardware including its model, temperature, and more. 

Its usability ends here as the application will require a license in order for its features to be used. This means that the only feature it supplies is a free scan of your computer issues. This might be enough, though, for those that have more expertise in terms of fixing the PC.

Compared to other applications, Restoro is lacking in terms of their free features. For starters, Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer already features browser cleaning, performance improvement, and windows customization for its free application. CCleaner also offers a junk cleaner and a privacy protection feature.

Restoro Customer support

Restoro has 24/7 available customer support in the form of an FAQ that can be seen on its website. From here, users can gather information on the following:

  • PC Tips – This gives advice on how to maintain the computer’s stability. This includes advice on putting a backup, antivirus, scan disk, firewall, and more. 
  • FAQs – This gives advice on both technical and non-technical issues in relation to Restoro. This is mostly about licensing issues, payment issues, and more.
  • License Key – This answers questions about the application’s licensing, its expiration date, and how to acquire it.
  • Troubleshoot wizard – This is their customer ticket support system that lets users submit unique questions that do not have answers in their FAQ. Replies to inquiries through this feature may take a day or more.

Restoro is a system optimizer that specializes in reviving a PC suffering from poor performance. It has a unique tool that allows it to replace corrupted or damaged Windows system files with genuine and healthy ones that come from its online database that contains up to 25,000,000 files. Aside from this, it can also be used to repair damage caused by a virus, promote system stability, and to increase the overall PC speed.

Coming with pricing plans that can offer up to 1 year of unlimited usage, it is also an affordable product. Finally, it offers good customer support for answering common inquiries about maintaining the PC and promoting better usage.


  • Has an online database containing 25,000,000 genuine Windows files to replace corrupted ones in the user’s PC
  • Has pricing plans that offer up to 1 year of unlimited usage
  • Has a straightforward interface
  • Has an easy installation, scanning, and fixing process


  • Has limited usability for its free version