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Restoro, its features, and how to use it

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 25, 2021

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System optimizers are very handy for ensuring the best system performance. Restoro is one of our best picks for this because of the application’s high-quality features, interface, and design. Released back in 2018, the application is continuously developed to be the best choice among software optimizers.

How to install restoro

Restoro can be downloaded through their website. Here, users can have an installer which will guide them through the licensing and user privacy agreement process. This part is seamless and fast, taking only a couple of minutes to fully install. After thoroughly analyzing it, we found their privacy agreement to be standard and fair compared to other applications. This ensures that the users’ data will be kept secure and safe with them. That means, for complete clarity, that if you are wondering if Restoro is safe or not you don't have to worry anymore. The program has an easy installation process and if you don't think you want to use it just simply uninstall it.

Opening the application

Upon opening it, the app will start a full scan of the computer. It will go through its different files along with the Windows operating system itself. It will look for any issues that it currently faces which may be affecting its performance. Although there is no sure way of proving this, the application seems to respect its user agreement and refrains from keeping any private user information due to the lack of news about data leaks regarding the app.

Although this varies per computer depending on how many files are installed in it, the scan will only last for ten to fifteen minutes at most. After this scan, the application will match the issues it finds to its different features to fix later. The user will also be given a full summarized report of the various issues for them to be advised on how to properly use the PC to avoid causing a slower performance. It is important to take note, though, even normal usage can contribute to slow performance which is why applications like these are necessary.

Features of Restoro

There are a lot of features by the application, each with their own specialties.

PC Profile

First, the application gives a comprehensive report of the current status of the computer’s hardware. Here, users can view the temperature and the remaining memory of the parts. As hardware has a big effect on system performance, this may advise users if they need to purchase new parts or if they have to have it repaired by a technician to fix it.

Next, the application also keeps track of the PC stability and PC security. Here, the application will check the software to look for any corrupted files which may cause it to become slower than ever. It will also check for anything that may cause system instability which causes the Blue Screen of Death and multiple Windows errors. The PC security also checks for any signs of malware in the PC.

These features are included in the Analyzing tools which are quite straightforward in its reports. Users are properly guided through the different issues for them to learn more about their PC and why it is slow.

The next batch of features are included in the Fixing tools.

Clear Faulty Files

This feature is targeted towards clearing the hard drive of any excess files. These are commonly leftovers from uninstalled apps. While insignificant and small in size, these may take a huge chunk of the hard drive once many uninstalled apps leave behind these. This feature scans this and then deletes them to give you more free space. This also allows you to install more apps later. Lastly, it can also help speed up loading times as having too many files within the hard drive is usually a cause for slow performance.

The good part about this is that it was very careful in deleting files, ensuring that only unnecessary ones are affected. This ensures that any important and personal files will not be included. Usually, these involve unused shortcuts, temporary entries, and the likes.

Install fresh files/Repair damage

These two features go hand in hand as they deal with the same type of files. These go through the different system files of Windows which it uses to run your applications. Because these are especially vital, they are the first to cause crashes and issues if they experience errors. With these features, Restoro can fix these or replace them. They have an online database containing millions of these files which they can easily download and replace the ones in your Windows PC. Through this, you can experience more system stability. The files they use are genuine.

What does it not fix?

It is important for users to remember that it cannot fix hardware issues such as those for the video card, the RAM, and more. Aside from this, it also cannot fix any issues of the third-party applications installed in your computer such as Microsoft Office, your internet browsers, and others. Its fixes are limited to your operating system.


Restoro uses a very simple interface which has helpful labels and logos which tell you the relevant information regarding each tool. With a couple of clicks, users can allow the application to take charge which makes it very easy to use.


Restoro is a standout product that is capable of fixing common system issues with minimal user effort. Its features are targeted towards software issues and are built to be extremely issue to use. The whole maintenance process only takes a couple of minutes to finish especially if you use it regularly.